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Got a question? Try the Onion Magic Answer Ball

Are you the kind of person who is constantly asking for advice? Do you need a little reinforcement before that big decision? The wonderful satirists at The Onion have just the app for you. It's called the Magic Answer Ball. I'd call it a parody of the old round balls you'd find at the gag store t...

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Should unemployed Americans buy Apple gear? The Onion weighs in

The Onion, one of our favorite sources for fake news, has done a talking heads analysis of whether the unemployed should buy Apple computers. In typical Onion fashion, they miss the point -- on purpose. The consensus? Of course the unemployed should buy Apples! You can do graphic design and l...

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The Onion imagines Apple's first product release under Tim Cook

In a week filled with Verizon iPhone sales and analyst expectations, it is nice to have some humorous stories to break things up. Thanks to The Onion, Apple fans can take a look ahead at the first big announcement of a product spearheaded by interim CEO Tim Cook. The fleshy version of the MacBook wa...

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The Onion: Apple announces Friend Bar

The Onion makes with the funny in this satirical video short about the "Apple Friend Bar," a new section of Apple Stores where Apple fans can go to discuss major issues at length, such as how much better Safari is than any other browser, or "what 'the Woz' has been up to." As usual, they pretty m...

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The Onion creates MacBook Wheel parody

There's a great history of Apple parodies in pop culture, and the latest one from The Onion is particularly funny. The fictional "MacBook Wheel" replaces the traditional keyboard with a large, touch-sensitive scroll wheel. As the Apple representative demonstrates, typing "...couldn't be simpler." Ju...

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Mark 3/21 on your calendar for the Apple Backlash

Thank goodness there are still genuine journalists out there who are willing to cover the important stories that nobody else bothers to investigate. According to vestigial organ The Onion, Apple Inc.'s goodwill with customers -- already stretched thin by iPhone price cuts and Leopard delays -- is bo...

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The Onion: Apple launches iLaunch

One things about Apple geeks: We're not afraid to make fun of our own fanatical devotion. Take this great article at The Onion which describes the latest Apple product, The "iLaunch:" "The iLaunch runs Keynote-formatted presentations in high definition through a built-in projector while displaying a...

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