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Apple enjoys free Super Bowl advertising courtesy of NY Giants

While some tech pundits are bemoaning Apple's lack of ads during the Super Bowl on Sunday (the company hasn't run an ad during the big game for years), The Street's Jim Cramer is taking another view and one that is much more rooted in reality. Apple didn't need to pay for expensive Super Bowl air ...

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Consumer Reports optimistic about Verizon iPhone

Remember those warm summer days last year when the iPhone 4 was fresh from the Apple tree, and Consumer Reports said it couldn't recommend the smartphone because of the "grip of death" reception issues? Well, now that the Verizon iPhone is hitting the streets, the famous consumer advocacy and produc...

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Word on TheStreet is that you shouldn't buy an iPhone 4

Two things are for certain: the iPhone 4 will be a huge success and there will be plenty of places that look to cash in by writing link bait headlines. Yahoo (remember them? They're the search engine you used before Google) jumps right in with 5 reasons not to buy the iPhone 4. Well, that's what it'...

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