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More rumors of other RED Apple products

It seems that due to the release of the iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED last week, September's rumors of other Apple products going the RED route are circulating again. Think Secret has a few 'sources' reporting that Apple and Bono have been kicking around the idea of RED iMacs and MacBooks, though their fa...

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Apple Matters does the math on Think Secret's accuracy

I'll admit to being just as interested in what Apple has up their sleeve as the next guy, but I've always harbored a chip on my shoulder towards the rumor sites. The constant 'anonymous' sources who wind up all too often being as clueless as they are nameless have always irked me, and James R. Stoup...

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iPhone, if it exists, to be Cingular-only through mid-2007

I know, the Cingular-only bit is quite the shocker, but Think Secret has restated some previously rumored details on the iPhone, including a 3 megapixel camera, 2.2-inch display and, obviously, iSync support. The phone is also said not to be handicapped with the same 100-song glass ceiling like the ...

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Mac rumors are boring

I don't mean Apple rumors are conceptually boring -- I enjoy the Mac and iPod rumor mill as much as the next Apple geek -- they're just boring to read. Daring Fireball's John Gruber hit the nail on the head last month when he wrote about his dislike for Mac rumor site Think Secret. At the time he wa...

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Aperture team gets new blood

Think Secret's revelation Thursday that a number of engineers on Apple's Aperture team have left or been transferred to other projects raised questions about the future of the app. Aperture lovers, take heart. Ex-PeopleSoft developer Blake Seely happily posted today that he is joining the Aperture t...

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Is Aperture's future in question?

According to Think Secret, it just may be. It looks like the majority of engineers who had been working on Aperture have either left or been reassigned to different projects within the company. Think Secret goes on to claim that the applications development was "...a mess," according to a ...

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