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Looking back at Apple's Cube, ten years later

The Register has an excellent writeup posted with a look back at Apple's Power Mac G4 Cube (affectionately referred to as "The Cube"), which was released to the public 'suspended' from production 10 years ago this coming weekend. At the time, back in 2001, the Cube drew a lot of jeers, most...

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Steve Jobs is a recipient of the Jim Henson Celebration Honor Award

Macworld is reporting that Steve Jobs is one of the recipients of the Jim Henson Celebration Honor – one of four Jim Henson Honors. Established in 2005, the awards program acknowledges organizations, individuals, or products that reflect the core values and philosophy of Jim Henson and the com...

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Apple maintains "Think Different" trademark

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1996, the public's perception of the company was grim. To make a long story short, Steve's plans for resurrection included changing that, and the "Think Different" campaign was among the first steps. There were television ads, print ads and slogans printed on App...

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Stink Different with an Apple toilet

We've long heard jokes of the iCar, the iToilet, and other iCrap, but until now we'd never seen a real, working example of one of these things. Well, here's your iToilet, gang. It doesn't connect to the internet in less than three steps, but it does connect to a series of tubes. Tipster Mike Jones ...

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Diamond, the rich text editor that thinks different

Diamond is a free rich text editor with a difference. Lots of differences, actually, which combine to make it quite appealing. Developer Geoffrey Alexander has recently released Diamond 3, which makes this an excellent time for you to download and give it a try. How is Diamond different? Diamond win...

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Apple Tattoo: Now that's a fan girl

In my time I've been accused of being an Apple fanboy, but this girl takes it to the next level. On celebritytattoos.org we find this lovely collection of the 32 geekiest tattoos, with our favorite company logo clearly taking pride of place. I can't say I approve, but you've got to respect the Apple...

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10 years of thinking different

When Apple's Think Different television campaign first aired in September of 1997, the company was in dire straights (or, as we call it, "The Sculley Years"). To make a long and well-known story short, Steve came back, the company launched the enormously popular "Think Different" campaign with Chiat...

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TUAW Desktop of the Week for 3/04 - 3/10/07

Our TUAW Desktop of the Week didn't make the cut because of some wild assortment of applications or montage of interestingness. No, this week we decided to keep it simple and old school with think different from Flickr user 1000things (though the roaming ladybug is a nice, yet weird, touch). The ...

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macTV posts unaired Think Different ad

Now this is pretty cool. macTV has posted an unaired ad from Apple's Think Different campaign featuring the great Muhammad Ali. I've seen this footage many times before, but I never knew it had (nearly) been used in a Think Different ad. That was a great campaign. Many years ago, I worked for a scho...

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