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Tag: Tim Cook

Tim Cook selected as Financial Times' Person of the Year

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been selected as Financial Time's Person of the Year for his role expanding Apple's collaboration with other companies and its support of social issues. On the business front, 2014 saw Apple partnering with IBM to create enterprise solutions for corporations while the US$3 bi...

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Tim Cook makes TIME's shortlist for 2014 "Person of the Year"

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made the shortlist for TIME magazine's 2014 Person of the Year, joining seven other candidates from across the social, political, and entertainment sectors of the world. TIME is recognizing Cook for both his business and social achievements this year. Here's its synopsis of w...

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Chinese internet regulator gets private look at Apple Watch

Want a private, behind-closed-doors glimpse at Apple's new smartwatch, complete with a guided tour by Tim Cook himself? It's easy! You just have to be China's Cyberspace Administration minister, and how hard could that really be? Ok, so it's probably pretty difficult, but that's the treatment Lu W...

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Pennsylvania school district using $291K donation from Tim Cook to buy iPads for kids

Apple CEO Time Cook recently made a $291,791 donation to Pennsylvania's Steel Valley School District in honor of former Apple board member Bill Campbell. who stepped down from the board this past July after 17 years of service. The Steel Valley School District includes Campbell's hometown of Home...

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Alabama's anti-discrimination bill will bear Tim Cook's name after all

Alabama state Representative Patricia Todd, the state's first openly gay lawmaker, is pushing for a new anti-discrimination bill and will be getting some help from Apple's own Tim Cook. Reuters reports that after some initial back-and-forth on whether it would be to the bill's (and Apple's) benefi...

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Buy the Steve Jobs monument that was too gay for Russia for $95,000

The iPhone-esque Steve Jobs tribute statue that was unceremoniously dismantled in the wake of Tim Cook's public acknowledgement of his sexual orientation is now up for sale in Russia. The statue, which was originally erected in 2011, was designed to honor the accomplishments of Steve Jobs and is a...

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Alabama lawmaker naming new anti-discrimination bill for Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook has been making waves with his recent increased focus on civil rights issues, specifically with regards to the LGBTQ community. In October, the CEO spoke out about his home state of Alabama's slow progress with regards to LGBTQ rights. Now the only openly gay lawmaker in the state is nam...

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Full video of Tim Cook's recent 34 minute WSJD Live interview posted online

Nearly two weeks ago, Tim Cook sat down for a wide ranging interview at the WSJD Live conference with WSJ managing editor Gerry Baker. There, Cook divulged a number of interesting tidbits, including the reason behind the demise of the iPod Classic and the fact that over 1 million credit cards ha...

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Tim Cook comes out: "I'm proud to be gay"

In a Bloomberg BusinessWeek essay published this morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook affirmed that he is gay, something that had long been spoken of within the tech community (and sometimes accidentally in the mainstream media). In his own words: While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven't publicl...

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Tim Cook on axing the iPod Classic: "We couldn't get the parts anymore"

Last month, Apple swiftly and quietly put an end to the venerable iPod Classic. No announcements were made, no funeral was held. Instead, all references to the Classic were casually removed from the iPod section on Apple's website, dashing the dreams of users who prefer -- nay, demand! -- 160GB of...

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Tim Cook speaks out about Alabama's slow progress on LGBT rights

Over the last year Apple CEO Tim Cook has been ramping up his personal activism for LGBT causes, both in private and with the company. The trend continued today in a speech in Alabama, at the state capital during the Alabama Academy of Honor event. Cook called for his home state to learn from the ...

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Tim Cook meets with Chinese authorities over iCloud attacks

What do you do when you're the CEO of Apple and hackers are targeting Chinese users of your iCloud service? You set up a meeting with the vice premier of the country, Ma Kai, to discuss what can be done to protect the data of users and how to strengthen communication between your company and the C...

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Tim Cook says Apple Watch can control the Apple TV and hints at other uses in full-length Bloomberg interview

BloombergBusinessweek over the weekend published their full-length interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The full interview contains a number of interesting tidbits that, for whatever reason, didn't make it into the print version of the story. Of particular interest are Cook's comments regarding t...

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Apple publishes privacy and security page; Cook pens open letter to customers

Ahead of the iPhone 6 launch, and in the wake of the iCloud celebrity hacking saga, Apple on Wednesday evening put up a new privacy page on its website which aims to assure customers that their private information is safeguarded by rigorous security measures. "The moment you begin using an Apple p...

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Tim Cook gives a brief history of Apple Watch's development

Business Week's new interview with Tim Cook offers a great deal of insight into the CEO's role at Apple and the development of the iPhone 6. What may be most interesting to Apple devotees however is the brief history of the Apple Watch's development that also lays within the article. Covering both ...

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