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Tag: TimeLapse

iOS 8 Camera app: Time-Lapse

Time-Lapse photography is often one of those things some of us think about, but never do. There are several apps offered in the App Store for iOS, including HyperLapse from Instagram and Time-Lapse! that I reviewed last month. Now Apple is offering a Time-Lapse feature in iOS 8. It's one of the opt...

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Time Lapse! beats iOS 8 Camera app to the punch

I've always been fascinated by time lapse photography, where you capture a still image a few times a minute, then create a movie with a very speeded-up effect. The 1982 documentary film Koyaanisqatsi is really striking with its creative use of time lapse photography. Apple is adding a time lapse f...

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Radian project would deliver time-lapse to iPhone

Time lapse photography can produce stunning photographs, but capturing the images to create the effect can be difficult. Kris Cheng is working on Radian, a Kickstarter camera and iPhone accessory that'll make the process a little bit easier. The Radian is a hockey puck-shaped device that atta...

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iStopMotion adds tilt-shift effect to animation tool

For hobbyists and weekend filmmakers, playing around with stop motion and timelapse image capture is an enticing way to create memorable movies. On the Mac, the most user-friendly and accessible app for these projects is iStopMotion from Boinx. Starting at US$49 for the basic Home version, iStopMoti...

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Macworld 2010: The show floor in 56 seconds

Have a spare 60 seconds? Want to see the entire Macworld Expo 2010 show floor? Take a look at the above video, which is a time lapse of a walkaround of the show floor this morning before the Expo opened. This was taken with an iPhone 3GS and the iTimeLapse app, so the quality leaves a little bit ...

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App makes time lapse photography easy for iPhone

iPhone TimeLapse Test from digitalurban on Vimeo. Here's a fun application. TimeLapse [App Store link] uses your iPhone's camera to take photos at regular intervals. You can have one photo snapped as infrequently as every 24 hours, or as often as every 10 seconds, which is about as fast as it can...

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Timelapse of iSight wakeup captures

A few months back, we wrote about reader Dylan's iSight autocapture project-- he rigged up the code to have his iSight on his MacBook Pro snap a photo every time the lid was opened (and even released all of his work as open source). At the time, he mentioned eventually combining all of the photos t...

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She said yes!

Remember the dude that proposed via Apple's time lapse video outside the new Fifth Avenue Apple Store? received an email from his fiancé, Uschi Lang. That's right, she said yes! James, that's the name of the man in the photo, had been meaning to drop the big question for months bef...

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Gawker updated with more camera support, desktop time-lapsing

Gawker, the clever app for recording, sharing and combining time-lapse movies, has been updated to version 0.70 with some unique features. It is now compatible with non-iSight cameras, including even DV cameras, and can record from up to four cameras simultaneously (when you consider the power of us...

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Proposal via Apple's website

I don't think this is what Apple had in mind when they decided to put up that website with time lapse photos of the grand opening of the Fifth Avenue Apple store. Some enterprising young geek (I'm assuming he's a geek) took three signs with him down to the store at around 5:30am, and proposed to his...

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