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Time Warner TWC TV app now lets users watch shows On Demand, live

Time Warner has released an update to its popular TWC TV app today that allows Time Warner Cable subscribers to watch On Demand content from over 4,000 television and movie titles across 91 providers. Like most pay TV viewing apps, the TWC app only permits viewing programming while your devic...

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Time Warner Cable's iOS app updated with on-demand video

Time Warner Cable subscribers now have access to on-demand programming on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch thanks to a major update to the company's official iOS app. Now available on the App Store, version 3.0 of TWC TV also supports the iPhone 5's full display and is said to be faster and more sta...

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Time Warner CEO hopes Apple builds a television

If Apple ever decides to actually sell a branded HDTV, there's at least one person who will be waiting in line to buy one the first day -- Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes. At the Business Insider IGNITION conference yesterday, Bewkes commented that he thinks "Apple is a great device company." Bewkes...

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Time Warner Cable adds channels, blocks jailbreakers

Time Warner Cable has updated its popular TWCable TV iPad app to version 2.0. Among the new features are the ability to view up to seven days of program listings in the interactive program guide, expanded channel selection with over 100 total channels available, and a remote DVR manager. Intere...

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Time Inc. magazine subscribers to get iPad versions for free

Time Inc. is reportedly in talks with Apple to let print subscribers access the iPad version of its magazines for free. According to a Wall Street Journal report, subscribers to Sports Illustrated, Time and Fortune magazines will be able to download the iPad app and use the app's built-in authent...

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Cable TV iPad apps prove popular with customers

GigaOm has posted some interesting numbers about cable providers' apps that allow subscribers to watch TV right on their iPads. Time Warner Cable stated on its earnings call that its TWCable TV app has been downloaded more than 360,000 times in just under a month. Comcast's Xfinity TV app (out s...

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Time Warner adds Fox and Discovery channels back to app

It's been a back and forth saga with the TWCable TV iPad app. A month ago Time Warner released the app, which let Time Warner cable subscribers view live TV on their iPads, as long as they were connected to their TWC/Road Runner-powered home networks. Less than two days later, Time Warner had to...

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Viacom says 'not so fast' on that Cablevision iPad app

The pioneering road that leads to watching cable programming on an iPad just got a bit bumpier. Cablevision has received notice from Viacom that the cable provider's iPad app, which provides both live TV and video on demand to subscribers, is stepping over the line in terms of the programming it ...

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Time Warner goes to court over iPad streaming app

And they're off! I thought it was weird that Time Warner was pushing so hard to get streaming cable channels on its new iPad app, but apparently it's ready to back up that stance. The company has just dropped a request for a declaratory judgement on a US District Court, asking the courts to rul...

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ESPN launches Watch ESPN app that lets you do just that

ESPN is one of those big media producers that has done well on the App Store -- not only has the company released a number of successful apps for its various properties, but the content sells well on iTunes also. Now, the company is actually sending content directly to your iOS device. By dow...

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Time Warner Cable iPad app adds channels to replace pulled ones

I never thought I'd be writing about Time Warner Cable as an advocate for consumers getting more content, but sure enough, that's what the cable provider has become. After being forced to remove some channels from its newly-introduced streaming iPad app, TWC has added a whole list of new channe...

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Time Warner Cable iPad app drops channels under programmer pressure

Time Warner's TWCable TV app has been forced to drop several channels after some programmers demanded it do so. The app allows Time Warner subscribers to watch TV shows on their iPads without paying any additional fees, and that "no additional fees" part is apparently what some programmers weren't...

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Time Warner's iPad TV service cut back due to overwhelming demand

Earlier this week, Time Warner Cable released its new iPad app, which allowed users to watch live TV on the device if they met certain key conditions. The app only works when connected to residential networks that are connected to TWC's RoadRunner cable modem ISP service, or the parallel Earthl...

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Time Warner fights 99 cent rentals, too

NBC isn't the only broadcast company that's fighting Apple on 99 cent iTunes rentals. Apparently Time Warner doesn't want in on the plan, either. That's according to its CEO Jeff Bewkes, who told a conference of media executives in London that Apple is underselling television content by providing ch...

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NBC and Time Warner in no hurry to say farewell to Flash

If you're not familiar with New York City's gritty, 209-year-old tabloid the Post, it has a reputation for sensationalist coverage, a top-down conservative slant (courtesy of owner Rupert Murdoch), and a credibility problem; in 2004, a Pace University survey found that city residents considered it t...

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