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Tag: Todos

Mac 101: Instantly create todos in

Have you ever been reading an email in Leopard's and thought, "Oh, I need to remember that"? If you can right click, then you can remember anything, quickly and easily, using Todos. When you come across something in an email you want to remember, first highlight the text. Next, right-click...

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AppleScript: Creating To-Dos in iCal

Recently, a friend asked me to create an AppleScript that would allow him to automate To-Dos with a mail rule. I immediately rose to the occasion because this was a cool idea: could run the script when you get an ebill, for instance, for your car payment. The script would then c...

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PackRat 1.3 supports new Backpack, adds more exclusive features

Backpack, the fantastic online PIM from 37signals, was recently updated with some solid new features like drag-and-dropping items from one page to another and the ability to reorder items any way you chose on a page (i.e. - lists and notes no longer have to be lumped together in their own sectio...

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iGTD 1.4.5: Again with the landslide of new features

It's official: I am developing my own version system to keep track of iGTD updates, because this 1.x.x thing is just not right. The way I see it, this new iGTD v1.4.5 should really be called v3.5, what with yet another batch of major new features being introduced. Included in this update is F-key...

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iGTD 1.4.4 update brings, uh, way too many new features

Something tells me the crew who writes iGTD (fortunately) never really grasped how application version systems work (for the record: I say this with the warmest of intentions; iGTD is the first GTD-based app that I really 'get' and use). Typically, a company releases a 1.0, follows up with a few ...

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Do It

Do It is quite possibly the most feature-packed mini-todo widget app ever written. For a birds-eye view, it features integration with Quicksilver, Address Book and iCal, as well as .Mac syncing and AppleScript-ability. As Tim Gaden puts it: the only thing missing is a kitchen sink. Fundamentally, D...

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MailTags 2 beta gets major todo and event enhancements, goes 'feature complete'

Scott Morrison has released a 6th beta of MailTags 2, his quintessential tagging and organizing plug-in for that we're big fans of. This new beta heralds a 'feature complete' status for the plug-in, meaning that Scott has implemented all the new features and tricks that version 2 will ha...

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TUAW Podcast #12: Quicksilver and iCal

There wasn't much podcast-worthy news to chat about last week, so we thought it was the perfect time to do something different and bring you the first TUAW screencast evar! In this podcast (netcast!), I demonstrate that trick we covered last month of how to add iCal events and todos from Quicksilver...

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How To: Add a new iCal event from Quicksilver

A while ago we covered Quicksilver plugins for Gmail and Google Calendar, allowing you to send an email or create a new event (respectively) right from within Quicksilver's interface. If you aren't a Google Calendar user though, Quicksilver also offers the same kind of plugin for iCal. Somehow I lo...

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More juicy in-depth Leopard screenshots of Spaces, Mail, Safari and more

At this point it seems like these websites are placing bets between each other to see who can get closest to an NDA violation without actually getting nailed with one. HardMac has posted the latest set of (non-blurry, properly grabbed) screenshots of some hitherto unforeseen areas of Mac OS X 10.5 L...

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Groupcal 3: manage your Exchange calendar from iCal

Are you a Mac user living in an Exchange world, forced to trudge through Entourage? (Don't get me wrong: Entourage is fine, but 'trudge' is just a good verb for dramatic effect.) Well trudge no longer with Groupcal 3, an addon for iCal that allows you to access, manage, edit and synchronize your Exc...

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Packrat 0.8 - edit Backpack lists, display images

In mid-April, Rod Schmidt asked for feedback as to whether he should release editing features in Packrat, his Backpack syncing client, as he develops them. From what I saw, the response was largely in favor of doing so, and yesterday Rod announced on his blog that Packrat 0.8 has taken the first ste...

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Create events and todos from messages with Event Maker

Event Maker allows you to create iCal events and todos from messages, or simply from scratch. It looks like it has a more navigable UI, especially for keyboard junkies like myself, and a side drawer allows for adding alarms. Event Maker is available right now from Mac Update, where the aut...

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Adium to be a Google Summer of Code project

Adium, the open source multi-network chat client with more features than I thought existed, has recently announced that they are going to be a mentoring project in this year's Google Summer of Code. For those unfamiliar: it's a program that brings students together to collaborate on and learn about ...

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MailTags 1.2.1 available, 1.3 to feature IMAP syncing

Dave Caolo posted about MailTags last August, but in case you're unfamiliar: MailTags is a fantastic plugin for that allows you to both tag your messages and create iCal todos right from within Mail. MailTags' abilities go far beyond simply adding a few keywords though; you can also set pro...

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