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As predicted, Toys R Us now carrying iPad 2

Apple fans still looking for an iPad 2 can now check the supply at their local Toys R Us store. As expected, Toys R Us is now selling the popular tablet in select stores across the US. Not every store is carrying the tablet, so you should consult this list on Toys R Us' website before you trek ...

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Toys R Us getting iPad 2 tomorrow

We heard a little while back that the iPad 2 was coming to retailer Toys R Us, of all places, and now 9to5Mac follows that up with news that the day arrives tomorrow. As of Sunday, April 17, the magical, revolutionary tablet will be ready to go, along with a selection of Smart Covers. You can v...

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iPad 2 coming to Toys "R" Us

I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys "R" Us kid. A million toys to choose from that I can play with. From bikes to trikes and video games... and soon the iPad 2, according to an anonymous Toys "R" Us employee who provided ModMyi.com with pictures of internal training materials focused on Apple's tabl...

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Toys R Us offering iPod trade-in

We here at TUAW aren't quite sure how great a deal this is, but just in case you want to take advantage, Toys R Us is apparently offering trade-ins on old iPods. From October 17 to the 23rd, the toy chain will take old iPods (no model is specified, but I'd assume older won't get you as much money) ...

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