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Breakdown of the decisions in Apple versus Samsung verdict

The jury handed down its decision today in the case between Apple and Samsung in the US. It was a big win for Apple and a sweeping loss for Samsung, which will have to pay nearly $1.05 billion in damages assuming its appeals do not change the damages (and assuming the judge does not impose addi...

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Apple produces 2010 Samsung report comparing the Galaxy S to the iPhone

On Tuesday, Apple submitted as evidence a 132-page document from Samsung that compares the iPhone to the Galaxy S. According to AllThingsD, the 2010 document lists major and minor features of the Galaxy S and points out how the Samsung phone compares to the iPhone. It also provides recommendati...

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Samsung credits itself for iPhone success in a roundabout way

Apple and Samsung will duke it out next week in a California court, and each side has submitted a brief to the court in preparation for this important jury trial, according to the Wall Street Journal. Besides arguing that it did not copy Apple's design, Samsung also used its brief to explain ho...

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Apple, Samsung drop more claims in upcoming trial

The trial between Apple and Samsung in the US District Court in California is slated to begin at the end of July, and both companies are making final preparations for the case. Part of this process requires each company to pare down the number of claims it is asserting in the case, reports FOSS...

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Judge denies Samsung's request to see iPad 3, iPhone 5

As expected, Samsung's request to examine the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 was denied by Judge Lucy Koh in a ruling handed down yesterday. The judge expressed the need for fairness, but said Samsung overstepped the line when it asked for devices that are unannounced and likely in the prototype stage...

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Apple asks Samsung for prototype devices

San Jose Judge Lucy Koh is forcing Samsung to hand over new and unreleased mobile devices to its rival, Apple. Apple's lawyers will get a chance to look at these devices as part of its infringement case against Samsung. In this complaint, Apple is accusing Samsung of violating a variety of util...

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