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Tag: Treo

iPhone 5th anniversary: How I accidentally became an iPhone user

Five years ago I accidentally became an iPhone user. I had watched the iPhone announcement several months earlier, and thought it looked like an incredible phone. But I wasn't planning to get one because I was a Palm user, and had been a Palm user since my Palm IIIxe. I had a ton of software, a...

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Missing Sync for Palm 6.0 adds Yojimbo notes, Treo SMS, and more

As a Palm user I've been jealous ever since Missing Sync for Windows Mobile added support for syncing notes from Yojimbo last year. Fortunately, Mark/Space has finally stepped up to the plate and the newly released version 6.0 of Missing Sync for Palm adds Yojimbo syncing as well (Mark/Space's own N...

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FunkeeStory: Treo SMS History on Your Mac

One of the Treo's best features is its threaded SMS application that makes your SMS messages appear like a chat session. In fact, the iPhone appears to take up and improve this SMS functionality by presenting text messages in an iChat like interface. Well, until that happens, those of us using a Tre...

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iPhony launcher for Palm OS

Well that didn't take long! If you're currently toting around a Treo, but really jonesing for an iPhone, you can install the Mo's iPhony launcher and get all the great icons without waiting for all of the great features! The current version, 0.2, is optimized for 320x320 screens, but a 320x480 will...

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Rentzsch: iPhone vs. Treo + iPhone Bug

As a loyal Treo user since the days of the first generation Treo 300, yesterday's iPhone announcement was a bit earth shaking. For the first time in years, my next phone is not going to be a Treo. Well known Mac dev Jonathan Rentzsche has a nice post comparing the Treo 700p to the iPhone. One of the...

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iPhone market fallout: RIM racked, Palm pounded

If your stock ticker symbol is RIMM or PALM, today would have been a good day to stay in bed. The trend noted in this Engadget post from 2 pm ET kept on going through the trading session, with Blackberry-maker Research in Motion losing nearly 8% on the NASDAQ and 7.7% on the Toronto exchange. Palm ...

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Would you buy an iPhone?

You've surely heard about the iPhone concept design that recently surfaced and you've probably heard about the Foxconn Electronics iPhone order from Apple. So would you buy one? Jason O'Grady over at ZDNet says he wouldn't. So he's running a poll over there to see who would and would not lay out the...

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