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Troll Touch readies touch screens for slim iMacs

Troll Touch has been manufacturing after-market touch screens for Apple computers for years. Now, the company has added the latest slim iMac to its list of supported devices. You can get a resistive overlay that's self-installed or have the folks at Troll Touch install a built-in touchscreen on ...

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Troll Touch announces 27-inch touchscreen Cinema Displays

Even if Apple CEO Steve Jobs isn't interested (for now at least) in giving his followers a touchscreen desktop computing experience, Troll Touch is. The company has added touchscreen monitors to its existing lineup with a pair of options based on the latest 27-inch LED-backlit Cinema Display. Tro...

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Touchscreen Intel iMacs available

This is good news. We have several touchscreen-enabled Macs at my day job, all from Troll Touch. Earlier this week they announced that the 20" Intel iMac will be added to their lineup. Their system uses the Mac's existing screen, so there's nothing you need to attach to the front (that kids con...

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