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TUAW Bookshelf: Markdown by David Sparks & Eddie Smith

Markdown (US$9.99, iPad only) by David Sparks and Eddie Smith, offers a terrific introduction to the Markdown plain text-to-HTML conversion spec. Originally created to provide an easier way to produce web content, Markdown is now an indispensable tool for developers and bloggers. This intro te...

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TUAW Bookshelf: Mac Hacks

Mac Hacks ($19.99 e-book, $24.99 print, $27.49 combo) by Chris Seibold is packed with fun and useful OS X-themed tips for anyone looking for non-obvious ways to get more from their Mac. Like Seibold's earlier Big Book of Apple Hacks, Mac Hacks offers ways that technically savvy readers can bette...

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TUAW Bookshelf: The Apple Revolution

On occasion, I will get a request to review a product, and based on the initial description sent to me by a PR flack, I just know that I am going to hate it. That was my initial impression of the book The Apple Revolution by Luke Dormehl. Fortunately, I ultimately found the book to be much more...

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TUAW Bookshelf: Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki, for those of you who don't know, was an original Macintosh evangelist and when the Mac debuted, he went to software developers, advocating that they write software for the new platform. Over the years Guy has been a loyal devotee of Apple and heard numerous startup pitches (and in...

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TUAW Bookshelf: Apple II Reference Manual

TUAW BOOKSHELF Apple was kind enough to include a veritable encyclopedia of information with my Apple ][. Inside the big, red manual, you'll find complete step-by-step instructions for setting up the machine, adjusting a tape recorder for optimal use, plenty of programs to get you started, and a h...

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