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Cycript: Blending Objective-C and JavaScript

Cycrypt is a new project that blends Objective-C and JavaScript to make it easier to implement aspects of both together. It's going to be great for using elements that JavaScript offers when programming with Objective-C. It's similar to JSCocoa, but it's been designed to offer a more complete set o...

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CSStringTokenizer, a Cocoa Touch front end for tokenizing strings

Have you ever wanted to work with rather deep elements of Core Foundation in the iPhone SDK with some sort of front end? August Joki has just come up with a project that provides a Cocoa Touch wrapper for the CFStringTokenizer type in the Core Foundation framework. As you can see in the screen sh...

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TUAW is now on GitHub

As posting code on the blog can sometimes can get very cluttered, we have just set up a GitHub account for TUAW to make everything better and easier for everyone. This is where you'll be able to find code for our developer-related posts. We'll try to get some projects hosted in there very soon, so d...

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