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Apple TV outage: TV shows menu not visible (Updated)

According to a recent tweet, since verified by our staff, there's an issue with Apple TV in the US at the current time. The TV shows menu, which is normally accompanied by the Movies, Music, Computers and Settings menus, is AWOL. The first sign of this issue appeared in a series of tweets by @Crai...

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USA network brings streaming shows to iPad, iPhone

The USA network has released an iOS app that allows users to stream shows to their iPhones and iPads. USA is owned by NBC Universal and like other NBC television streaming apps, USA Anywhere Plus allows viewers to watch full episodes of USA shows, including new episodes available the day after the...

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Apple TV updates bring streaming TV purchases to Australia, Canada and the UK

There's good news for our Apple TV-owning mates in Australia, Canada, and the UK. A new software update was sent to Apple TVs in those countries, and TV shows are now available for purchase and download on the device. These are actual purchases, not rentals. You purchase the episodes or a sea...

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Apple pulls 99-cent iTunes TV show rentals

Apple has pulled all US$0.99 TV show rentals from the iTunes Store and Apple TV. As first noticed by AppleInsider, all mention of TV show rentals has also disappeared from Apple's knowledge-base articles. One titled "iTunes Store: How to rent TV shows" has been completely removed, though you ca...

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HBO adds HD programming to iTunes

HBO has finally started to offer some of its shows in HD in the iTunes store. As first noted by MacRumors, HBO shows that are now available in HD (in the US and Canada) are: Big Love, Bored to Death, Carnivale, Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 7), Deadwood, Eastbound & Down, Entourage (Seasons ...

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HTML5 game running on Apple TV

The Apple TV 2 could become a new platform for playing HTML5-based games and applications. A hacker installed the Couch Surfer browser on a jailbroken Apple TV and used it to play an HTML5 version of BlackJack. The game is rudimentary, but it's a sign that the Apple TV is capable of more than j...

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Apple reportedly readying Replay service for streaming iTunes purchase history

According to AppAdvice, Apple may be prepping a new re-downloading and streaming service called iTunes Replay. The service would let you re-download select movies and TV shows from iTunes and stream that content to a variety of iOS devices. The Replay service will supposedly let you access show...

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Batch tagging your iTunes videos the easy way

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet If we applied Shakespeare's logic to today's digital age, then it would also mean that watching mis-tagged or untagged videos on your Apple device (be it a Mac, iPhone, iPod or Apple TV) would be just as enjoyab...

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ted: episode downloader for bittorrent

In the past we've covered the Mac application TV Shows, which automates starting bittorrents for tv show episodes. Sadly, it hasn't been updated in a while (though the main page still promises an update soon). However, I recently ran across another application that works in a similar way called ted....

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TV shows added to Australia iTunes Store

The Australian iTunes Store has become the latest to offer television programming for purchase. Shoppers will notice that pricing is standard across all shows at $2.99 AUS per episode. There are no season passes available as of this writing, and several American shows, like Lost, Pimp My Ride (we're...

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Apple issuing refunds, credits from WGA strike

Here's a nice bit of information. Many iTunes customers bought season passes to television shows in iTunes that never aired as a result of the recent writers' strike. As of this writing, Apple has begun addressing their concerns. In an email that has been delivered to some customers, Apple describes...

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Say bye bye to Heroes: NBC to end iTunes show sales

Following on the heels of the Universal Music/iTunes rift, NBC/Universal has declined to renew its iTunes contract according to the NY Times. The current deal is due to expire this December. 1500+ hours of NBC Universal content, including The Office and Heroes, will remain on iTunes until that time...

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CenterStage open source media center updates, offers preview of future interface

The Mac media center market is heating up lately, with a healthy collection of competitors to Apple's Front Row offering unique features and different UI experiences. This is great news for anyone who wants to turn an older Mac into a media center, or if Front Row simply doesn't float your boat. ...

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Is the Apple TV a dud?

Of all the products Apple has been rolling out in the past few years, the Apple TV is easily one of the most debated. While I haven't seen any specific figures from Apple on how well or poorly the device is selling, Apple's first foray into the living room seems to be getting off to at least a dec...

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iTunes collects season finales for you

Say what you will about the video quality of iTunes content, but it sure is convenient to download an episode or two of a show that you missed when it aired. The web elves that run the iTunes Store are determined to make it even more convenient it would seem, as they have gathered all the TV season ...

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