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Bono compares Steve Jobs to Elvis

U2 lead singer Bono paid tribute to Steve Jobs with kind comments for the man who turned the music industry upside down with the iPod and iTunes. Bono called Jobs "the hardware/software Elvis" and described him as a man who was "only interested in doing truly great things." Speaking of his infl...

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U2 iPod updated

Those iPod elves just don't sleep! Apple has updated the U2 special edition iPod, keeping it in line with the 5.5 gen iPods. $279 gets you the signature black 30 gig iPod with a red scroll wheel. Sure, that's a $30 premium, but if you like U2 (or red) then it is a small price to pay. I wonder why Ap...

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First hand pictures of the new U2 iPod

Ash over at techpaedia dropped us a line to let us know about some photos he took of the new U2 iPod at an Apple retail store. The four photos over at his site show the rear black metal enclosure a little more clearly than the official ones on Apple's site. Ash reports that "like the traditional st...

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The U2 iPod makes a 5th generation encore

Apple has re-released the U2 iPod in the form of a red and black 5G iPod with video. The new U2 iPod features one design element to differentiate it from the normal 5G iPod and the previous U2 iPod: "an all-black stainless steel enclosure" or (as a subtitle underneath a picture of the U2 iPod mentio...

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