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(RED) thanks Apple for contributions; claims Bono's "jokes" taken out of context

U2 frontman Bono made waves earlier this week when, during the course of a Cannes Lions presentation, he seemingly lambasted Apple for not being more vocal about its role in (Product) RED. "Apple is so f*cking annoyingly quiet about the fact they've raised $75 million," Bono explained. Adweek...

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Daily Update for February 3, 2014

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get some of the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the player at the top...

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U2 is giving away new single on iTunes today, BofA is donating $1 to Red for every download until midnight

Yesterday's Super Bowl wasn't just about watching one team completely demolish another team; it was also about advertising. But in the middle of that sea of lite beer ads and cacophonous movie trailers was buried a chance to get some free music and maybe help the world in the process. U2 announced...

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Bono compares Steve Jobs to Elvis

U2 lead singer Bono paid tribute to Steve Jobs with kind comments for the man who turned the music industry upside down with the iPod and iTunes. Bono called Jobs "the hardware/software Elvis" and described him as a man who was "only interested in doing truly great things." Speaking of his...

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U2's Bono has kind words for Steve Jobs

U2's Bono has expressed thanks for Steve Jobs's "invaluable" support in fighting AIDS in a letter to the editor of The New York Times. Bono contacted the editor after The Time's Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote a link-bait column titled "The Mystery of Steve Jobs's Public Giving." In the column Sorkin...

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Some things we may not see again from Apple

Conan O'Brien once had a recurring segment on Late Night called "Guests We Won't Have Back," during which he would look back at guests (who were fake) that he regretted having on the show. There was bug expert Sara Wiggins, who ate a live beetle in front of the camera. And there was wine expert...

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U2 iPod updated

Those iPod elves just don't sleep! Apple has updated the U2 special edition iPod, keeping it in line with the 5.5 gen iPods. $279 gets you the signature black 30 gig iPod with a red scroll wheel. Sure, that's a $30 premium, but if you like U2 (or red) then it is a small price to pay. I wonder why...

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Apple to ink deal with Bono for RED iPods, MacBooks and iMacs?

Think Secret is reporting that Apple might be working on a deal with Bono to produce some red products to help promote and support the U2 philanthropist's RED, an AIDS awareness charity. The idea is that RED cuts deals to produce exclusively red items from which a portion of the sale is donated to...

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iLounge releases The Free iPod Book 2.2

Those iPod-obsessed kids over at iLounge have updated their Free iPod Book to version 2.2 (yes, books can have version point updates too). Four all-new sections are included in this updated version: Nike + iPod Sport Kit Troubleshooting Your iPod U2 iPod + iPod Pack-Ins Backstage at...

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Eight ways to kill someone with an iPod nano

Here's an interesting feature that Apple, understandably, didn't place on the iPod nano's public feature list: deadly killing machine. A tongue-in-cheek article entitled "Eight ways to kill someone with an iPod nano, according to ex-marine Brad Collom" offers just that: a guide to killing someone...

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Mad TV - Apple's iPad

Mad TV has produced one of the raunchier iPod spoofs we've seen to date (meaning: probably not safe for work) in the form of an advertisement of, how shall we say, pads for women who 'think different'. The 'iPad' ad wins bonus points for coming complete with a spoof of the iPod silhouette ads and a...

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TUAW Podcast #10

Here it is ladies and gentlemen: TUAW Podcast #10 for 6/7/06. In this edition I sat down for some coffee talk with Dan Pourhadi and Conrad Quilty-Harper on everything from Apple's new 5G iPod U2 Edition to Macs in Best Buy, as well as gaming on, the finish of, and that darn glossy screen in the...

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First hand pictures of the new U2 iPod

Ash over at techpaedia dropped us a line to let us know about some photos he took of the new U2 iPod at an Apple retail store. The four photos over at his site show the rear black metal enclosure a little more clearly than the official ones on Apple's site. Ash reports that "like the traditional...

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The U2 iPod makes a 5th generation encore

Apple has re-released the U2 iPod in the form of a red and black 5G iPod with video. The new U2 iPod features one design element to differentiate it from the normal 5G iPod and the previous U2 iPod: "an all-black stainless steel enclosure" or (as a subtitle underneath a picture of the U2 iPod...

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J&R offers custom painted iPod Minis

So, you like the dramatic color of the Special Edition U2 iPod, and you wish that the iPod Mini were available in a color other than silver, green, blue or pink?  Then you're in luck.  J&R is offering iPod Minis in custom colors, including Ferrari Red, Lamborghini Yellow and Smoke...

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