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HackingUI presents some intriguing ideas to improve iOS notifications

Notifications in iOS have undeniably come a long ways from the days when they only took the form of intrusive blue modal alerts. Nonetheless, there's always room for improvement as highlighted in a great post from Hacking UI which provides a bevy of design alternatives to Apple's current implementa...

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Video walkthrough of the biggest UI changes in iOS 7.1

Just introduced yesterday, iOS 7.1 features a number of notable aesthetic tweaks and enhanced UI options. You know iOS 7.1 is an important and noteworthy update when Apple itself advertises it on its homepage and even went so far as to put up a standalone webpage highlighting the update's many new f...

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Apple comes to its senses, will re-center iOS 7 page indicators

You're welcome. All it took was my threat of a strongly worded letter to get Apple to correct the egregious wrong that it had committed in letting the iOS 7 page indicators drift aimlessly to the left. It seems that Apple's latest iOS 7 beta corrects the alignment of the tiny dots so that they ar...

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How Apple introduced brushed metal

Remember when "brushed metal" dominated the look of Apple's software products, including OS X? Stephen Hackett at 512 Pixels does, and he's put together a look at its origins. Brushed metal didn't debut with Mac OS X 10.3, as many believe. Instead, Hackett notes, the UI motif first slipped onto ...

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Daily Update for February 4, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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The future of Apple UI

Now that Scott Forstall is no longer in charge of iOS and Jony Ive is overseeing both product design and user experience, signs are pointing to a major overhaul of the user interfaces for iOS, OS X and the Apple-created apps that are part of the operating systems. Wired's Christina Bonnington t...

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Google Maps for iOS design details

With Google Maps for iOS now in the hands of millions of users, it wasn't surprising that someone took a look at the app from the viewpoint of a designer. Sacha Greif, a designer and developer living in Kyoto, Japan, did that just. Greif was impressed with the attention to detail in Google's work...

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Skeuomorphic iPad app design

Love it or hate it, the skeuomorphic school of iPad app design is here to stay. Even though skeuomorphism proponent Scott Forstall is no longer with Apple, we don't expect to see the fad of replicating the look of analog devices in digital apps to pass anytime soon. Chris Spooner at Line 25 has...

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Resizable app icon concept: iOS meets Windows Phone 8

Visual and user interface designer Max Rudberg has cooked up his own take on how a future version of iOS could be updated to offer app icons that can be resized to offer more information and features. Specifically, the video below shows the Settings icon being expanded into a pane that occupies t...

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University of Calgary experimenting with one-handed iPhone gestures

A research team from the GroupLab at the University of Calgary is working on a set of new single-handed gestures for the iPhone called the the Fat Thumb interaction technique. This technique lets you hold your iPhone with one hand and use your thumb to interact with the UI. The team conducted...

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iOS 6 adds some great eye candy to new Music app

While Apple talked about a few new iOS 6 features during the keynote here at WWDC, there are always plenty of new features hidden in the operating system, some that we won't even fully hear about until the OS actually goes out to the public. But here's one found by the guys over at the iDownloa...

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Compelling idea for moving files from Mac to iPhone

We've all faced the difficulty of moving a file from our Mac to our iPhone. There's iCloud, Dropbox and a host of other services to help us tranfer these files, but there are no solutions as elegant as the concept devised by interaction designer Ishac Bertran. His idea for proximity-aware devic...

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DevRocket is a Photoshop plugin for iOS developers

This might be of limited use, given that most of our readers are, I'd guess, iPhone users rather than iPhone designers. But if you find yourself mocking up iOS apps in Photoshop often, then Dev Rocket might be just for you. It's a Photoshop plugin that makes it easy to layout and mock up iPhone...

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Google updates Google+ mobile UI

The Google+ mobile website is easier on the eyes thanks to a redesign Google rolled out on Monday. The new UI is available on any mobile device, including the iPad which still does not have a native client. Comments on the redesign suggest the web UI improves performance on the tablet device, but ...

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HTC completes workaround to get past Apple's patent ban

HTC said it was pleased with a recent patent infringement ruling from the ITC, because it involves a simple UI element that was easy to fix. It appears the company was not exaggerating as the workaround is already completed. HTC infringed patent (#5,946,647) which describes a "system and meth...

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