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Three handy Mac tools for working with QR Codes

You might not think about them much. When you do, it might be to decry the invasion of robot vomit onto every ad, billboard and poster. Still, the humble two-dimensional QR Code -- originally developed by a Toyota subsidiary to assist in automotive manufacturing -- has become ubiquitous. QR Cod...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Where did Preview's link annotation go?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I recently upgraded Lion to Mountain Lion. Such a beautiful and fluid OS. For a particular assignment, I wanted to convert a document into a PDF which Apple's Preview does it effectively. The problem arose when I wanted to annotate a hyperlink in the PDF. In Lion, I could do...

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Quickly share website addresses to your iPhone with AirLink

Last week, Erica and Victor shared a hack for transferring the URL of an open webpage from your computer to your iPhone via the intermediary of a QR code. It's easy and quick, but as is often the case our astute commenters pointed to a slew of alternative solutions to tackle the same problem. ...

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Apple goes on a domain name shopping spree

Apple has bought at least 50 domain names in the last three days. While many of the domain names are related to features of Lion or iOS 5 that were introduced at WWDC on Monday, it's unlikely Apple will use most of the domain names as active URLs. Instead, Apple probably just snapped them up to...

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Apple adds new mobile protocol handlers

I've now spent a good deal of time hunting and searching through the updated SpringBoard executable. Much of what I found is dull; some is useful. While hunting around during the adding-Apps-to-SpringBoard effort, I discovered a number of items that appeared to be new Safari-style protocol handlers....

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Pyro 1.6: Campfire client gains search, drag and drop file transfer enhancements and more

It's been over a year since we first mentioned Pyro, the powerful Mac OS X client for 37signals' Campfire web-based chat service for groups and businesses. While I personally didn't pick up a copy back then since I wasn't a Campfire user, I'm not entirely familiar with every change that has come ...

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An Adium Xtra for linking any browser's current page

I know Adium can insert links from some browsers by itself, but I just found a script at the Adium Xtras site which offers much more fine-grained control over inserting a link from any browser, with the page name's descriptive title linked nice and clean, instead of the long ugly URL you get from co...

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Bare Bones Software releases Yojimbo 1.2

Yojimbo, the information collection app from Bare Bones Software that helps you 'master the onslaught', has been updated to version 1.2. Among the additions and improves are a Quick Start movie for new users that launches on first startup, search term highlighting, browser bookmarklets for one-click...

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iWeb update simplifies URLs

The iLife Updates Apple released yesterday fixed a gripe some users (including myself) had with the new URL scheme that iWeb employed. With its original release, an iWeb site's URL was http://web.mac.com/username/iWeb/. Leaving that last /iWeb/ off the URL would result in a 404 error. While this isn...

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My other issues with iWeb

Adding to the small pile of gripes with the new technology Apple is using with iLife 06, such as complaints about iWeb's bloated CSS or RSS standards and photocasting, I just developed a beef that I haven't really seen mentioned yet: the crummy new URL scheme for iWeb sites, both on and offline. Fir...

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Create clickable URL/file events in iCal

MacOSXHints has a slick tip on creating clickable iCal events that are either URLs or links to files. Sure, you can add a URL to an event's description, but with this simple method you can create an event itself that is click-able from iCal's main day/week/month calendar view. All you need to do for...

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