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Apple receives patent on MacBook Air wedge design

Apple's MacBook Air has a characteristic slim design that's immediately recognizable by both Apple fans and Windows users. According to The Verge, Apple now owns a design patent that covers this distinctive tapered design. In their analysis, The Verge points out that the patent's drawings foc...

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Ultrabook manufacturers look to plastic as Apple commandeers supplies

Intel's new "Ultrabook" initiative designed to help PC manufacturers churn out MacBook Air clones has hit a snag. According to Digitimes, Apple has gobbled up almost all of the available capacity for producing unibody aluminum parts, which it uses to build the chassis for its notebooks. Product...

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Apple PC competitors request price drop from Intel

Intel is facing increasing pressure from its retail partners to lower the price of its upcoming line of Ultrabook notebooks, according to a report from Digitimes. Manufacturers like Acer are now asking Intel to reduce the cost of the CPU to help lower the final price of the device. Recently, In...

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Popularity of the MacBook Air to limit early Ultrabook production

Intel and its manufacturing partners are gearing up to launch its line of Ultrabooks, a thin notebook that'll compete with the MacBook Pro. Instead of a blow-out launch, a report from Digitimes suggests companies like Lenovo, Asus and Acer are taking a more conservative approach. Ultrabook ma...

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Acer's creator Stan Shih calls iPad, MacBook Air "short-term phenomena"

The founder of Taiwan-based PC manufacturing firm Acer, Stan Shih, seems to be doing some wishful thinking out loud these days. He recently commented that the "fads" for ultrabooks and tablets are "short-term phenomena," urging notebook component suppliers to innovate and make more value-added pro...

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Apple's hold on metal chassis supply chain hinders competition

Apple's wild success with unibody construction for all models of the MacBook appears to be having a negative effect on the competition in more than just reduced sales -- the other vendors can't get their hands on the CNC (computer numerical control) lathes that are required to make ultra thin m...

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Intel Ultrabooks must compete with MacBook Air on price, parts suppliers say

Apple is used to setting the standard in the laptop industry. Before Apple eschewed 4:3 screen for 16:9 ones, widescreen laptops were virtually unheard of. The 17" laptop market only exploded after Apple unveiled their first 17" PowerBook G4. And now that Apple's MacBook Airs have become a huge...

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Apple's flash-buying clout seen as huge advantage

Apple is not only winning the tablet wars, it's already poised to beat out Intel's new Ultrabook line of tablet-inspired notebooks that are expected to arrive later this year. The Ultrabook is Intel's attempt to merge the instant-on features of a tablet with the power of a notebook. These ...

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