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iOS-only OnTrees hopes to be the of the UK

I've been attending a lot of meetings with various London-based startups in the last few months to learn their stories on what it takes to launch a successful new product. I'm particularly interested in ones that have a heavy slant towards mobile -- and iOS. This interest is magnified when I find ...

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Three UK bringing low cost 4G to your iPhone

Three has announced that low-cost 4G networks in the UK will soon be a reality. The 4G LTE standard has been slow to roll out in the UK compared to other countries. Currently iPhone 5 owners in the UK (and owners of compatible WiFi+Cellular iPads and iPad minis) have just one option: the carr...

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Everything Everywhere, Explained: the UK gets LTE

Following the recent regulatory approval, UK telecoms operator Everything Everywhere today announced its new LTE service under the new EE brand name. The network is currently running in engineer testing mode in four cities (Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and London). With few users to congest the ne...

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Apple may become the new sponsor of the UK's Orange Prize for Fiction

The Orange Prize for Fiction is a prestigious literary award in the UK that goes to one outstanding female writer every year. Until this past May the award, officially called the Women's Prize for Fiction, has been sponsored by UK telecoms provider Orange. However, after T-Mobile's merger with ...

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Apple rolls out iTunes movies in the Cloud to UK, Australia, Canada, more

Earlier today, Apple rolled out iTunes Match to Hungary and Poland, but now it appears the company has also started expanding iCloud's media offerings to countries that already have the iTunes Match services. Here in the UK, Apple has expanded its iTunes in the Cloud offerings to include movies...

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Activision hires Team 17 founder to start new UK mobile studio

While EA has been bullish as all get out on its mobile and iOS properties, we haven't seen the other big dog in game publishing, Activision, act on the same impulses, despite a few hits with the Call of Duty Zombies games. But here's a first indication that Bobby Kotick and company do have a mo...

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Apple prepping London stores for 2012 Olympics

TUAW has learned that Apple has quietly begun making preparations for the "onslaught of journalists" that are set to arrive in London for the 2012 Olympics, which are less than four months away. A high-level Apple retail employee here in London told me today that the company is planning to st...

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Apple becomes UK's #2 online retail store has become the second most trafficked online retail site in the UK, according to a report by website tracking firm Experian Hitwise and IMRG. The #2 spot puts only behind Internet retail juggernaut and ahead of retail discounter Experian Hitwise t...

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UK rural areas get better coverage from older 2G phones

UK regulator Ofcom says that those in rural areas of the United Kingdom are better off sticking with older 2G feature/entry-level phones instead of newer smartphones like Apple's iPhone and Android-powered phones. The reason is that while newer smartphones offer greater features, the older 2G...

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UK won't get music portion of iCloud until 2012

This is sure to disappoint our UK readers, but it looks like you'll have to wait until "at least" the first quarter of 2012 to take advantage of the music portion of Apple's iCloud service, according to a spokesman for the Performing Right Society (PRS). The spokesman told The Telegraph that Appl...

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4 apps for the Royal Wedding

When it comes to European royalty, Americans go crazy. Beyond the garden-variety obsession with royalty, British royalty in particular is like Yank catnip. The ultimate bonkers-maker, however, is British royal weddings. When there's a royal wedding across the pond, Americans absolutely seem t...

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Tesco begins selling iPad in the UK

Tesco, the massive global grocer and merchandising retailer, has begun selling all six models of the iPad on its Tesco Direct website and in select Tesco stores today. While the iPad has been available in the UK since May, the addition of Tesco as an iPad reseller is significant, because it is the ...

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