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i-FlashDrive lets you quickly share files between PC and iPhone

Our sister site Engadget has discovered a must have accessory if you're constantly finding yourself wanting to share files between your iPhone and PCs. PhotoFast's i-FlashDrive features a USB 2.0 port on one end and an Apple 30-pin dock connector on the other. Plug the USB drive into your PC or...

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10.7 Lion upgrades expected to come via Mac App Store

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that the Mac App Store is likely to be the preferred method for installing and updating OS X 10.7 Lion. AppleInsider reports that the next version of Mac OS X is going to ship digitally via the MAS, with optical media available as a backup for users on slow con...

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LaCie introduces Philippe Starck designed USB 3.0 portable drive

LaCie has long been associated with producing external hard drives for Macs, having created a wide array of FireWire drives. Now that the old standard is moving toward obsolescence, the accessory maker has now released a fresh USB 3.0 version of its Philippe Stark designed portable drive. Fortuna...

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Software Reinstall USB drive comes with new MacBook Air

During today's "Back to the Mac" event, Apple announced a brand new MacBook Air that comes in two screen sizes and features a bevy of upgrades. However, one similarity that the new Air has with its lineage is the lack of an optical drive. For the purpose of re-installing the software that comes wit...

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Western Digital My Passport Studio Portable Drives for Mac

Are you looking for a tiny portable hard drive for doing Time Machine backups on the road? I do a lot of traveling with my MacBook Air and don't often get a chance to back it up to the 1 TB monster at home. Although there are several other diminutive hard drives on the market, when I saw the My Pass...

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Apple TV Hacks calls for help to polish the USB drive hack

Two days after Apple TV Hacks published the much sought-after USB hard drive hack for the Apple TV, the site is making a call for help to polish the modification. For now, the hack isn't for the faint of heart - it requires some mucking around at the command line, not to mention an Intel Mac to appl...

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Apple TV USB hard drive patch has arrived!

We are very pleased to report that Apple TV Hacks has published the long-anticipated USB hard drive hack for the Apple TV, allowing users to plug in an external hard drive to overcome the device's disappointing storage limitations. As with any hacks of this nature, however, the same 'hacker beware' ...

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Boot XP from external USB drive without Boot Camp

jarpy has an interesting post up on installing Windows XP to an external USB hard drive without using Boot Camp to repartition his internal drive. This method makes use of the Open Source rEFIt utility which we've mentioned before. The process itself looks somewhat risky (e.g. jarpy disconnected his...

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