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Apple and VW in talks over "iCar"?

You've got to love a story that starts: "It has been reported..." Nonetheless, leftlanenews has a report that Uncle Steve and Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn "met earlier this month in California to discuss the possible joint-venture." Apparently there's been some market research that shows a marke...

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Widget Watch: Volkswagen creates Dashboard and Yahoo! widgets

It's nice to see the widget train making its way across the land, and yesterday I noticed that Volkswagen of all companies has even hopped on board. The German car company has released a Rabbit Widget for both Dashboard and the Yahoo! Widgets Engine that lists free public events in over a dozen US...

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iTunes Users Prefer VW and Audi Over Other Car Brands

In keeping with our poll theme today, a Nielsen/NetRatings survey found that users of iTunes and the iTMS are more likely to buy VW's or Audi's. Maybe this shouldn't be much of a shock seeing as both of those brands are set up for iPod integration. My favorite quotable from the post about this poll ...

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