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The Steam Summer Sale is now live, prepare your credit card

Steam's annual summer sale is finally live, and that means massive discounts on some of the service's hottest games. As always, the sale features not only daily discounts on a rotating selection of games, but also flash sales that pop up throughout the sale, which is scheduled to end on June 30th....

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Valve revamps Steam Mobile for iOS

Valve has released an update to its popular Steam Mobile app for iOS. Steam Mobile is Valve's official Steam client for iOS that allows gamers to stay connected with the Steam Community while on the move. User can chat with their Steam friends and read the latest gaming news, as well as browse group...

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Valve shows off how its Steam Controller is going to work

Selling Steam gamers -- who are used to playing their games with a keyboard and mouse -- on a handheld controller is no easy task. Valve knows this, and since the original announcement of the company's new Steam Controller, there have been plenty of questions as to how precise it actually is. To h...

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Valve unveils awkward-looking game controller, to be compatible with all Steam games

This week, Valve gradually revealed a number of interesting new products, starting Monday with the announcement of its own dedicated Steam OS. Wednesday brought news that the company is working on a number of home "Steam Box" consoles for the living room, and today the announcements wrapped up wit...

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Steam Family Sharing program hits beta

Valve's ultra-convenient Steam Family Sharing program has just entered beta, with the first 1,000 participants receiving emails instructing them on how to get set up on the service. Steam Family Sharing allows up to 10 additional users to access any individual's Steam game library, though each game ...

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Steam's annual summer sale is now live

Steam is the undisputed ruler of digital game distribution for gamers on Windows PCs as well as Macs. While only a portion of the games on the service's virtual store shelves are Mac-compatible, seeing those titles get huge discounts is always worth celebrating. And celebrate we shall, as Steam ha...

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Valve releases the original Half-Life for Mac

Fifteen years after its release in 1998, Valve Software's groundbreaking first-person shooter Half-Life has made its Mac debut. While its sequel, Half-Life 2, and other games based on Valve's later Source engine have been available on the platform for years, the original Half-Life has remained ...

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Steam's Big Picture mode makes playing Mac games on TV more console-like

Is that 27" iMac screen just not cutting it for your gaming needs? Introduced today, the new Big Picture mode available in the Steam client for Mac offers a front-end for your games that's controller- and TV-friendly. Big Picture mode can be easily navigated with a gamepad, offering access to...

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Valve extends Steam store beyond games

Adding to the growing list of companies providing storefronts for selling apps, Valve Software has announced its plans to expand the Steam distribution platform beyond selling games. Starting September 5, users will be able to purchase apps from a growing selection of software titles, including ...

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Valve debuts free Steam Mobile iPhone app

Valve has released Steam Mobile for iOS, a free app for the iPhone. According to Valve, "With the free Steam app for iOS, you can participate in the Steam community wherever you go. Chat with your Steam friends, browse community groups and user profiles, read the latest gaming news and stay up to d...

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Valve offering original Portal for free until September 20

If you haven't played Portal yet, now is your chance. Valve is offering the Mac and PC versions of the 2007 physics-based puzzle game that took the world by storm for free on Steam until September 20. Valve is giving the game away in honor of its Learn with Portals program. The educational pr...

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Valve makes Team Fortress 2 free-to-play

In case you missed it last night, Valve has turned its excellent team-based shooter Team Fortress 2 into an entirely free-to-play experience, so even if you haven't picked up the game yet, you can head over to Steam right now and download and play it completely free, forever. The game was one o...

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Rumor: Steam looking at iOS integration

This is interesting -- according to a Steam user who got to Valve headquarters in Washington, the popular game network may be looking at extending itself out onto the iOS platform. That doesn't necessarily mean that there would be a straight-up Steam client for the iPhone and the iPad (although...

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Humble Indie Bundle hits $1.2 million, promises Steam integration

The Humble Indie Bundle 2 has reached $1.2 million in revenue, topping the last offering, and there are five days left to go, so the turnout for the pay-what-you-want gaming pack should be pretty spectacular. All of the games were previously announced as released on both Mac and PC, but the group h...

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Valve releases the original Left 4 Dead just in time for Halloween

I just got done playing a level of Left 4 Dead 2 on my MacBook Pro when I saw this: Valve has released the original Left 4 Dead for Mac OS X. Valve originally released the sequel, Left 4 Dead 2, for the Mac on October 5th, promising the first one would come in time for Halloween. The reason for t...

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