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Time Warner Cable, Viacom settle dispute over TV iPad app

Time Warner Cable and Viacom announced in a joint press release that the two companies have resolved their disagreement over video streaming to mobile devices. Details of the settlement were not announced. The new-found friendliness means Viacom shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will b...

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Time Warner adds Fox and Discovery channels back to app

It's been a back and forth saga with the TWCable TV iPad app. A month ago Time Warner released the app, which let Time Warner cable subscribers view live TV on their iPads, as long as they were connected to their TWC/Road Runner-powered home networks. Less than two days later, Time Warner had to...

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Don't hold your breath for an Apple video streaming service

Flickr image by tpholland I'm pretty convinced every time an analyst opens his or her mouth about Apple and we post it, a kitten is eaten by a bear somewhere*. This week's "Wacky Analyst Random Rumormongering" comes from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek who claims that Apple is about to launch "...

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Viacom says 'not so fast' on that Cablevision iPad app

The pioneering road that leads to watching cable programming on an iPad just got a bit bumpier. Cablevision has received notice from Viacom that the cable provider's iPad app, which provides both live TV and video on demand to subscribers, is stepping over the line in terms of the programming it ...

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Time Warner Cable iPad app drops channels under programmer pressure

Time Warner's TWCable TV app has been forced to drop several channels after some programmers demanded it do so. The app allows Time Warner subscribers to watch TV shows on their iPads without paying any additional fees, and that "no additional fees" part is apparently what some programmers weren't...

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