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Tag: Victor Agreda

Daily Update for December 23, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get some of the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the player at the top ...

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TUAW on YouTube Geek Week: Southern Stars and SkyCube

By now we hope you've watched the first two YouTube Geek Week videos from TUAW -- the Stupid WeMo Tricks. Now we're going to something equally geeky, but much more impressive. In these two videos, TUAW editor-in-chief Victor Agreda Jr. talks with Southern Stars Founder and CEO Tim DeBenedictis not...

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TUAW TV Live: Victor Agreda live from CES 2013

Today we've got a bit of a surprise in store for you -- TUAW editor-in-chief Victor Agreda, Jr. is in Las Vegas this week covering CES, and he'll be joining us for part of the show to talk about what's new, exciting, and different for Apple fans. I'll also have a free Macworld/iWorld iFan pas...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM ET: Live from Las Vegas, baby!

The International Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing in Las Vegas this week, and TUAW's Mike Schramm and Victor Agreda Jr. are on hand to catch all of the latest news to pass along to our readers. Victor has volunteered to take some time off from the busy show schedule this afternoon to...

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OS X's MIA features: Out of style or out of time?

One of the things that typifies Mountain Lion is Apple's insistence on removing existing features that users know and love. I suspect some just weren't finished in time, but others seem to simplify interfaces at the cost of user frustration. Here at TUAW Central, we receive regular emails from r...

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TUAW TV Live: Now with fewer ads, more Steve and Victor

I'm happy to announce that we won't be moving from Ustream to YouTube, at least not for the foreseeable future. Ustream will now show one advertisement at the beginning of the stream and there will be no further interruptions to your viewing pleasure. In addition, the live stream and chat will ...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT: The Once and Future Editor-In-Chief

This afternoon I'm happy to have the former editor-in-chief of TUAW as well as the new editor-in-chief of TUAW on the show with me. Yes, our very own Victor Agreda, Jr., well-known for his excellent video interviews of developers and his amazing hair, will be on the show today talking to me abo...

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Getting Ready for Mountain Lion: Dictation

Mountain Lion is about to debut one of my favorite features ever: Dictation. With built-in support for speech-to-text, OS X Mountain Lion allows you to talk instead of type in nearly every app on the system. You'll be able to access dictation using a simple keyboard shortcut, a double click o...

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You're the Pundit: 50 Shades of AppleScript

When it comes to evaluating the next big thing, we turn to our secret weapon: the TUAW braintrust. We put the question to you and let you have your go at it. Today's topic is AppleScript. "AppleScript is a bit like Office Space's Milton Wadams. It's put upon and underappreciated, but then aga...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: RSS in the clouds

Dear Auntie TUAW, I'll admit it... I'm a news junkie. Podcasts, RSS feeds, the works! RSS feeds are what I am wondering about today. You see, I like to skim my RSS headlines, read the feed items that catch my eye, and not have any items automatically delete or disappear. My current setup is us...

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