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Rabbit aims to lift the limits on video chat, Mac beta coming next year

Considering how long it took for the videophone to truly reach the mass market -- the first public video telephony service was launched in Germany more than 75 years ago -- it's pretty remarkable how many video chat options we have today. From FaceTime to Microsoft's Skype to Cisco's WebEx, F...

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Skype for iPad 'prematurely' released, no longer available (Updated x2)

Skype for iPad has just been released on the New Zealand App Store, which probably makes it about 16 hours or so until it goes live in the United States. Typically App Store releases like this find their way onto the NZ App Store first, then roll out across time zones over the course of the day...

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Fring app brings group video calling to iPhone

Fring has updated its popular iOS IM app to allow group video calls on the iPhone. This is a first for group video calling on any iOS device as far as I know, and its a much welcome feature. The group video calling allows you to video chat with up to three of your other friends over 3G, 4G or Wi-F...

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Group video chat coming to iPhone via fring

fring is working on a group video chat implementation for its iOS and Android apps. The update will eventually allow users to chat with up to four participants on-screen at once; fring's developers are allowing users to sign up for a beta version so that they can test it out before it's officially...

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So what works with FaceTime?

Apple comes to the rescue with a KnowledgeBase posting that will give you all the details on what systems are capable of using FaceTime. As you may know, FaceTime HD is a new feature of the just released MacBook Pro line, and Apple has taken FaceTime for the rest of us out of beta and made it a US...

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Skype 5.0 for Mac Beta is now available -- includes group video chat

A beta version of Skype 5.0 for Mac has been released, and it includes not only some new features like group video chat, but also becomes more Mac-like by putting all of the information and controls in one window. The existing Skype client scatters windows hither and yon; one for chat, one for a li...

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T-Mobile HTC Slide to provide non-FaceTime video chat with iPhone 4

FaceTime is one of the most visible features of the iPhone 4, with much of the advertising for the newest iPhone showing off the emotionally-rich video chat capabilities that FaceTime provides. But if your friends are on another network or don't have an iPhone 4, it's impossible to use your phone to...

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Want FaceTime on 3G? Try Tango

Tango is a video and audio chatting app that does what FaceTime should have done. It works on a 3G (or a 4G) network. This free app was released last week and I have been testing it over the weekend. It performs pretty much as advertised using it on my iPhone 4. You can make and receive calls over e...

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Sex industry embraces FaceTime, world feigns surprise

When I first saw the iPhone 4 FaceTime demo, I knew it wouldn't take much time before rule 34 took effect. It was inevitable that Apple's video chat tech would be used by the sex industry as a new way to deliver live adult content to customers. Despite Steve Jobs' best efforts to keep the iOS pla...

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Skype hedges on FaceTime compatibility

As we noted on last night's special Talkcast, it seems inevitable that a desktop video-chat service will announce compatibility with Apple's iPhone 4 FaceTime feature sooner rather than later. Since Apple has its own chat tool that includes video, one imagines that iChat will be FaceTime friendly be...

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Engadget: Sam Mendes shooting Apple ads, video chat to be featured

Here's another juicy iPhone rumor. Engadget reports that American Beauty director Sam Mendes will be shooting the next batch of Apple ads, and at least one will feature video chat. Quoting some rather telling tweets, Engadget has put together that auditions are underway. An actress posted the ...

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Apple previews icon of iPhone video chat app? Probably not.

On their Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 page, Apple has posted a series of icons, one of which looks like it could be the new icon for the rumored iChat video conferencing app that will be used to take advantage of the 4G iPhone's front facing camera. As you can see from the series of twel...

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Microsoft Messenger 8 reaches beta, adds video chat

It was several months ago when Microsoft last updated us on the progress of videoconferencing capability within Messenger for Mac; while version 7 added A/V support for corporate accounts connected to Live Communications Server, the crowd of personal users who connect to MSN/Windows Live were left o...

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Adium adds videochat via MeBeam

Videochatting has finally come to Adium-- kind of. They report on their blog that a company called MeBeam has been working on a cross-platform Flash solution, and they've hooked up Adium to use that service. On their site, MeBeam seems a little aloof about what Adium is (they haven't actually ever...

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