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Daily iPhone App: PyroPainter is special FX made easy on the iPhone

There's been an explosion of special effects videos on YouTube over the past few years. Because the technology to create special effects has gotten so cheap and so easy to use, basement video editors of all kinds have put together videos of themselves throwing fireballs or fighting with lightsa...

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Autodesk Motion FX for OS X Lion arrives on the Mac App Store

Autodesk, developers of the amazing AutoCAD and Sketchbook apps for the Mac, has just released a new free app that is not only a lot of fun, but could be useful to amateur filmmakers. Motion FX for OS X Lion is a 25.1 MB app that requires Lion and creates "stunning real-time video effects using...

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TUAW Giveaway: iCamcorder for iPhone EDGE, 2G, 3G

If you don't have an iPhone 3GS, there are now apps available to enable video recording capabilities on the older phones. One of those apps, Drahtwerk's iCamcorder [US$0.99, iTunes Link], has a ton of features that might make 3GS owners jealous. Some of those features include: Quad-cam, mirror, ...

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