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Deadly Premonition gets pricey iPad companion app

A cult favorite among horror gamers, Deadly Premonition's B-movie vibe has given it life beyond what games of its quality normally obtain. Now, along with the upcoming release of Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut on Steam, fans of the cheesy adventure can pick up an absolutely massive 352-pag...

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The Wolf Among Us hits snag on Mac, release delayed

The latest episodic adventure from Telltale Games, The Wolf Among Us, has been getting favorable reviews around the web, but Mac gamers haven't yet been able to sample the new title. According to a post on Telltale's community site, the Mac version has run into "an unforeseen issue," and will be d...

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Dragon's Lair 30th anniversary now available for iPhone

Has it been 30 years? Wow! Dragon's Lair is a classic video game that arrived way back in 1983 featuring animation by former Disney animator Don Bluth. The original game kept its extensive graphics on a LaserDisc, the now dead optical disc format that was replaced by DVDs. The game had plenty of li...

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SimCity on Mac is 'totally unplayable' (Updated)

Update #2: EA has further commented on the launch day woes, insisting that the installation issues have been ironed out. Update #1: A Maxis spokesperson had this to say in regards to the launch day woes: There are a small number of players who have encountered issues with SimCity for Mac. ...

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Don't forget to change your Blizzard Authenticator with your new iPhone

Apple has made switching over your iPhone when you buy a new one very easy, but there's one other task you may need to undertake, especially if you're one of the many players of the popular World of Warcraft game out there (or Diablo III, or Starcraft II, or other Blizzard games): You'll need t...

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Canadian Supreme Court rules no separate copyright fee for iTunes previews, game downloads

The Canadian Supreme court ruled on two copyright cases that affect music previews in iTunes and video game downloads. According to a report in Paid Content, the Court upheld the Copyright Board's decision that the 30- to 90-second audio previews in iTunes do not constitute a public performance a...

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iOS devs appear in new Develop 100 listing

The Develop 100 is a list put together every year of the top video game developers in the world, and this year there's a surprising trend showing up: a lot of iPhone and iOS developers are starting to make the grade. Touch Arcade spotted around 50 iPhone and iPad developers in the list, which i...

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Atomix is the iPad's first video game magazine

There are more and more magazines appearing on the iPad now, some good and some bad. Atomix is definitely at the good end of the spectrum, not least because it's being produced by Area 5, former creators of the 1UP Show at 1UP.com. "The iPad app is intended as a global product," says Atomix fou...

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Apple patent turns video games into comics

This might be the wackiest patent that I've ever seen Apple apply for. The company has recently put in a patent to describe the process of making a digital comic book out of a video game playthrough. The idea here is that you'd play through a segment of a video game (Mass Effect is the one used in ...

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Bioshock for Mac on October 7th

I can personally attest to Bioshock being a terrific game, but the problem is that probably, many of you can as well. Let's be honest -- it actually came out for PC and consoles a full two years ago. At this point, a Mac port is probably useless, but it's coming out anyway. Feral Interactive has a...

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A history of Macintosh gaming

Feeling nostalgic? Applemctom has posted a great video detailing the evolution of Mac gaming from Dark Tower, released in 1986, right up to the resurgence and explosion of gaming on the iPhone. Take a look and see if your favorites are covered. My vote for inclusion in the sequel is Wolfenstein 3...

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Braid comes to the Mac

You have to admit: for all of the gaming woes that the Mac faithful has suffered, there's fortunately never been a shortage of great indie games for us to play. Aquaria made it to our platform, World of Goo appeared pretty early on, and now Braid, Jonathan Blow's terrific deconstruction of Super M...

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