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Vimessa: Video voice mail for iPhone and iPad

With the holidays coming up, it's a time to get together -- physically or virtually -- with friends and relatives. On those situations where you can't travel to be with your loved ones, wouldn't it be nice if you can send them a quick, free video message? That's the thought behind Vimessa, a free...

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FacePlant brings quick FaceTime chats and video voice mail to the iPhone 4

By now, everybody who owns an iPhone 4 knows how cool FaceTime is. They're also probably frustrated with the fact that a) you need to make a call at least one time in order to verify that a friend has an iPhone 4 and can actually do FaceTime chats, b) you can't see when friends are on Wi-Fi and read...

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First Look: 12mail Video Messenger for iPhone

The first time I saw the classic movie "2001: A Space Odyssey," I was 10 years old. If the story and the underlying meaning were confusing to me as a kid, the futuristic technology wasn't, and I liked the video communications devices and the flat Newspad. It's almost 9 years late (2010), but we fina...

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