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A Siri hack to start your car

Today's edition of "1,001 amazing things you can do with Siri" comes courtesy of our sister blog TechCrunch. In a post this morning, TechCruncher Chris Velazco tells the story of hacker Brandon Fiquett, who has figured out a way to use Siri to control a Viper SmartStart system and start up his ...

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Another iPhone ad debuts, "Family Man"

Following on the heels of the "Backpackers" and "Dog Lovers" ads earlier this week, Apple has released another iPhone ad titled "Family Man." The ad details how a man has, apparently, lost control of his iPhone to his family. As usual, the ad features three third-party apps. The wife uses th...

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Vrooooom! Start your car (and more) from your iPhone or iPod touch

TUAW reader Ethan pointed us in the direction of something new, cool, and available only for iPhone and iPod touch (take that, Palm Pre and Android phones!) BestBuy has an exclusive on the new Viper SmartStart System, which can do a number of things for your wheels: Start your car with virtua...

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