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Orange Libon adds picture messaging to iOS app

Libon is a messaging app backed by the European cell provider Orange that's making its way over to Android today, offering free calls, messaging and visual voicemail to smartphones on that side of the platform fence. But there's important news for us iOS users as well, as the app has also added...

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iPhone 101: Recovering deleted voicemails

Welcome to iPhone 101, the series that explains the basics of iPhone operation. This time, its retrieving a deleted voice mail message. One of the great features of the iPhone -- that is, one that is actually related to having phone conversations -- is Visual Voicemail. So long as your carrie...

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Line2 adds a second line to your iPhone for $15 a month

Would you like to add a second line to your iPhone? Perhaps you'd like to add a business number to the phone, but your existing phone is currently tied to your personal mobile number. You could always carry a second phone, but that's an expensive proposition, particularly if you're an iPhone addi...

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Apple settles Visual Voicemail lawsuit

Klausner Technology Inc., owner of a telephone answering machine patent "linking displayed data with [a] recorded audio message" settled with Apple over the use of Visual Voicemail on the iPhone, reports Macworld. Klausner was granted the patent in 1994, and renewed it in March. As part of the sett...

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