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iSpeak: Voice dialing for iPhone 3G

Sunday night on the TUAW Talkcast, we were discussing how much fun this week was going to be from the iPhone software perspective. This announcement from Fonix Speech is exactly what we were talking about. Fonix iSpeak is a voice activation application for the iPhone 3G. There are a couple of operat...

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Valet - a flexible application launcher with Parallels integration

Valet is a new kind of application launcher that brings some interesting innovations to the table. First, upon activation it offers a heads-up display containing application icons, organized into categories of your choosing. This is a rich visual departure from competition like LaunchBar and Quic...

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Intel stumbles while stepping to Apple's 6 button remote

Honestly: I'm always down for some competition; it keeps (some) companies innovating and (hopefully) on their toes. But wow... if you're going to openly take on a device like Apple's beautiful and simple 6-button Remote, it might be a good idea to make sure you're firing on all cylinders. Check out ...

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