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Voices That Matter: iOS Dev Conference offers exclusive TUAW discount code

Attention East-coasters and anyone who develops iOS apps! You're probably already aware of the wonderful Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference that is held in Boston, Massachusetts. The upcoming conference is scheduled for November 12-13, 2011, and you can get an exclusive discount from...

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TUAW discount for Voices That Matter: iPhone Developers Conference

If there's anything that TUAW tries to do to separate itself from the other Apple blogs, it's making sure that we support the iOS and Mac developer communities through our involvement in conferences. While we're usually at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) to cover the stories, TUAW bl...

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Talkcast tonight at 10 PM EDT: legal matters, iPhone devs, and more

Do we have a lot to talk about tonight on the TUAW Talkcast? Heck, yes! We have the aftermath of the Gizmodo 4th-generation iPhone fiasco, and a discussion of the possible legal ramifications of that situations. We'll talk about that poor Apple engineer who lost the phone to begin with, and how h...

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Voices that Matter iPhone: Five iPhone app design mistakes, and how to fix them

TUAW is at the Voices that Matter iPhone developers' conference this weekend, talking to iPhone OS developers of all walks of life. All weekend long, devs are here learning about how to code and design better iPhone applications from some of the best minds and artists on the App Store. We've gat...

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Voices that Matter iPhone: App Store prices

Here's just a quick shot from Jeffrey Hughes' lunchtime presentation on marketing iPhone apps here at this weekend's Voices that Matter iPhone developers' conference here in Seattle. Because the presentation ran a little long, he had to hurry through his planned section on pricing, but he did share...

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iPhone Dev conference exclusive promo code for TUAW readers

The Pearson Education's Voices That Matter Conference series will be holding their second iPhone Developers Conference on April 24-25 in Seattle. Leading authors and experts (including our very own Erica Sadun) will converge for two days to share their knowledge about developing for the iPhone OS. D...

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