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Happy 5th birthday (plus or minus a few months) TUAW!

While writing up a short post about Wolfram|Alpha yesterday, I decided to test the service by entering a few domain names to see what kind of results I would get. I typed in TUAW.com and Macworld.com, and was pleased to see a comparison of daily hit statistics, but what really surprised me was to fi...

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Apple updates MobileMe control panel for Windows

Today, Apple updated the MobileMe control panel for Windows. Update 1.2 "provides better support for syncing a large number of contacts (more than 2,000) and prevents syncing of data between Microsoft Exchange Server and MobileMe, a configuration that is not supported." This control panel is require...

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Rejoice, Rejoice. Comments are back!

Our technical elves were running themselves ragged over the weekend, and now all is as it was. Comments are back on, and we encourage you to share your wit, wisdom, and snark with us freely and copiously. Go on, comment on this post... see if you still remember how it feels. Update: Just got a phone...

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WIN looking for bloggers who are fanatical about downloading

If you are a freak about downloading new freeware and shareware to your Mac or your PC at work, if you like to see how much spyware you can cram into your computer and discover all the interesting ways you can go about removing it without the IT guys in your department catching wind of your activiti...

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