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Flip4Mac WMV tool launches public beta of v3

Mac owners who work in a Windows environment know how difficult it can be to play a Windows Media file on their laptop. One popular solution that lets customers play and edit a WMV/WMA file is Flip4Mac, a QuickTime component that is developed by Telestream and supported and hosted by Microsoft....

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Mac 101: Import Windows Media Audio files into iTunes

One of the biggest concerns for computer users making their first tentative steps in the Apple ecosystem is file format support for all the data they've collected over the years, especially media files. Users coming over from Windows that haven't been using iTunes and iPods often have a mountain...

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A car stereo built for the King (of phones)

No, you didn't click on the wrong link. We haven't changed our name to The Unofficial Audio Weblog. "Why, then, is my beloved Apple-centric site doing a review of a car stereo?!" you're no doubt asking yourself. 'Cause this thing rocks your iPhone like you've never heard before! Sony was nice ...

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Apple: Microsoft of digital music

Another day, another article telling us that Apple's digital music reign will soon end. The old argument of 'platform independence' are trotted out in this article, referring to Microsoft's 'Plays for Sure' DRM program. Sure, you can play that DRMed music on different devices but you have to use Win...

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Convert WMA files into something useful

I thought we'd posted on this before, but I couldn't find anything so here you go: EasyWMA is a simple little tool that can convert WMA files into m4a, mp3 and wav audio files. It supports DnD (drag and drop), even with entire folders of songs to convert. Other features include: Input formats : ...

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