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Tag: WashingtonPost

Siri VC Morgenthaler weighs in on iPhone 4S bandwidth badmouthing (Updated)

Back in early January, wireless optimization firm Arieso released a report on the bandwidth usage profiles of various smartphones and other devices. It noted a surge in download and upload usage for the iPhone 4S, moving the new phone ahead of the iPhone 4 and various Android devices to take over t...

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Siri probably isn't the bandwidth hog the WaPo warned you about

Update: Former Siri director responds to the Washington Post story. Reuters was the original source of the error around Siri bandwidth usage. "How Siri is ruining your cellphone service." That's the searing headline from the Washington Post in an article by Paul Farhi. Farhi claims that "Siri's dir...

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The Washington Post reflects on Lion's first week of availability

Like the rest of us, the Washington Post is taking a look at Lion after a week of use. It's mostly positive, but writer Hayley Tsukayama finds Lion a bit quirky. Chief criticisms are the change to natural scrolling (which can be turned off) and some of the complicated gestures when using a track ...

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Pandora may pull the plug on itself

The Washington Post is reporting that Pandora, the Internet radio station available on Mac, iPhone, and iPod touch, may be shutting down service soon. The reason is that Sound Exchange, the money-grubbing blackmailers royalties collection arm affiliated with the Recording Industry Association of Ame...

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Hi-def video podcasts for Apple TV

Earlier today, The Washington Post announced the release of hi-def video podcasts, specially formatted for the Apple TV [iTunes link]. They're encoded at 720p, and include some of their most popular writers. The Washington Post is the first news outlet to specifically target the Apple TV, and their ...

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Hijacking the 'MacBook Wi-Fi hack' in one article or less

John Gruber is at it again, and this time he's taken the MacBook Wi-Fi hack drama to the cleaners with perhaps the most in-depth play-by-play analysis I've seen to date (would you expect anything less?). Mr. Fireball starts at the top, even including an explanation of the various components involved...

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SecureWorks admits to falsifying MacBook wireless hack

[Update: To his credit, David Maynor did in fact state at the beginning and end of this video that he's using a 3rd party card and drivers in order to enable this exploit. It was later comments from David Maynor and Jon "Johnny Cache" Ellch, as well as the disclaimer SecureWorks posted, that prompte...

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