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FarFinder: your Finder on the web

FarFinder is a file sharing tool from the maker of Webjimbo (our coverage). Like the latter, FarFinder basically turns your Mac into a web server, but instead of serving up your notes from Yojimbo it instead serves up web pages that look like Finder windows. Using any web browser (Mac, PC, iPhone, e...

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Webjimbo 2.0 adds iPhone interface

We've posted on Webjimbo a couple of times before, and now this interesting web-based interface for the snippet manager Yojimbo reaches version 2 and adds an important new feature: an iPhone-specific interface. Basically, Webjimbo turns your Mac into a webserver that allows you to interact with your...

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Webjimbo 1.0 released

We last mentioned Webjimbo when it was in closed beta. Now the clever application that allows you to access your Yojimbo notes over the internet by turning your Mac into a mini web-server has been released. Your notes appear in any web browser in an interface that looks very much like Yojimbo on the...

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Webjimbo: access Yojimbo over the Internet

My Mac life now firmly resides in Yojimbo, the excellent snippet/information manager from Bare Bones. The only problem with this arises when I'm away from my home computer. Of course Yojimbo does offer .mac syncing, but that doesn't always work that well and sometimes I'd like access to my informat...

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