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Man proposes to girlfriend using a fake iPad

Plenty of iPads were gifted this past week, but at least one young lady received something in an iPad box that she probably wasn't expecting. Reddit user rad_rob proposed to his girlfriend in an amazingly unique manner, swapping the Apple tablet out of a retail box with a wedding ring. To get...

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Daily Mac App: DragonDrop provides a Finder caddy for your drag-and-drop files

Sometimes there are problems you didn't even know you had -- and solutions that make your life so much better. DragonDrop is one of those solutions. You know when you have to drag items between folders and you end up juggling multiple Finder windows? It's such a pain getting both windows on-scr...

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Apple Stores have no gift registries. Bummer.

Lauren and I were chatting with Megan over on iChat today and trying to figure out how to set up her gift registry for her upcoming nuptials with her hawt Astrophysicist boyfriend. Of course, Megan is dying for one of those awesome iPhone remote dodads but we thought that we'd just go for more of a ...

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