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DevJuice: Provisioning portal redesigned, allows deletion of some App IDs

We've been hearing from various delighted developers this weekend responding to Apple's redesigned provisioning portal. And yes, you can now delete many (not all) App IDs from the portal. The newer the ID, the more likely it seems to be that you'll be able to select it, configure its setti...

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10.5.3 and Beta 6 SDK, Oh my!

Something interesting is hiding in 10.5.3. I don't know what it is. I don't know what it does. But if it's necessary to upgrade if you want to use the new SDK release, that means that there's a something that ties 10.5.3 to new iPhone features. So intrepid TUAW readers-slash-detectives, what can yo...

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Liveblogging the iPod Touch

Well, it's here. And here's all the dish on my first hours with the iPod Touch. Impressions Feel. Man, this thing definitely has a completely different feel and weight from the iPhone. It feels way way thinner. Squeeze Control. It seems to be confirmed that the iPhone headset squeeze control does n...

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