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WiFi Baby is a first-class remote video monitoring system for your baby

Parents with a young baby know how hard it is to check your little one while he or she is sleeping. You try to quietly tip-toe into the room, but inevitably the baby senses your presence and wakes up from his slumber. One solution that'll let you watch your child without disturbing their sleep ...

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WiFi Baby 3G baby monitor: Watching your baby from afar

Most parents want to keep a close eye on their baby, especially when he or she is sleeping in their room down the hall. Rather than check obsessively, which is what I did when I had my first baby, products like the WiFi Baby 3G let you easily watch your child from afar. Best of all, you can see...

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Monitor your baby from anywhere with the WiFi Baby 3G

My daughter is about four weeks away from having a baby, so I am really interested in the WiFi Baby 3G ($US 279.00). This Wi-Fi enabled baby monitor can let you see and hear your baby on any Mac or PC. Just plug it in, and any browser will let you check in from anywhere whenever you'd like. The devi...

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