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You're the Pundit: What would make the new iPhone a "must buy" for you?

When it comes to evaluating the next big thing, we turn to our secret weapon: the TUAW braintrust. We put the question to you and let you have your go at it. Today's topic is the new iPhone. Last year, I was looking forward to delaying my iPhone 4S purchase (or the "iPhone 5" as we were guessing...

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Viewing Wii U through Apple-centric eyes

I had the opportunity to preview the Wii U last night at a Nintendo special event. Bold and bright, with flashing lights and helpful attendants, the preview was designed to build anticipation for the unit's upcoming debut. Does the age of Apple TV and iPad/iPhone AirPlay integration herald ...

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Daily iPad App: LostWinds

I really enjoyed LostWinds when it came out on the Wii a couple of years ago -- it's a physics-based platformer, essentially, but the twist is that you don't just control a really beautifully rendered little kid named Toku wandering around a very artistic world, you also control the wind spirit...

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Wii platformer LostWinds coming to iOS

I really enjoyed the Wii game LostWinds, released a few years ago as a downloadable title on Nintendo's popular home console. So I'm excited to hear that the developer, Frontier Developments, is planning to bring the original game over to the iPhone and the iPad, as well as the Android platform...

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Angry Birds hits 10 million iPhone downloads, coming to gaming consoles

Angry Birds creator Rovio has announced that the game has fetched a whopping 36 million downloads so far, including ten million paid downloads on the iOS platform alone. Those are some pretty incredible numbers -- there's no question at all that Angry Birds is as legendary an app on the iPhone as t...

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Nintendo: Apple is 'enemy of the future'

Only two months ago, the official word from gaming giant Nintendo was that they weren't worried about competition from Apple. But according to Times Online, Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata, has instructed his subordinates to consider Nintendo victorious over Sony. Instead, Nintendo now considers ...

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Found Footage: The iPhone and the WiiMote

Matthias Ringwald, of iPhone Bluetooth fame, has just released BTstack 0.1 for iPhone. This video demonstrates his group's technology in action, as an iPhone syncs with a WiiMote and then uses the WiiMote for input. Although the system does not yet have OBEX, it is, as Ringwald writes, "better t...

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The evidence for an Apple game console

I think the whole "Apple buying Twitter" rumor floating around is about as much of a crock as the "Apple buying EA" one. But I give slightly more credence to this conclusion: that, despite the painful experience of Pippin, Apple is once again putting together a game console. Why? Let the evidence fr...

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iPod touch ad puts a new slant on things

TBWA/Media Arts Lab created a spiffy new online ad for the iPod touch: it plays around with objects on the Yahoo! Games page as the ad plays. It's not unlike the Nintendo "Wario Land" YouTube video that has the same effect. AdAge notes that Apple has been clever about creating media-rich online adv...

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Wii Transfer updated for Mii capture

Making cartoon avatars of yourself is hard work, and nobody wants to redo all that tweaking when you've got a perfectly good doppelganger sitting right there on your Wii console... with no good way to get it off the TV and onto your Mac. What a drag! Good thing there's the new version 2.6 of Wii Tr...

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TUAW Buyers Guide: Gifts for gamers

As we found out this past year, gamers have Macs, too. When you think of gaming gifts, you don't usually think of getting suggestions from a Mac blog-- most of (if not all of) the best games this year aren't playable on a Mac at all. But nevertheless, we're out there-- people who love gaming and M...

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Wii Transfer maker giving away a Wii

If you're anything like me, and I know you are, you dream of playing Super Mario Galaxy but refuse to stand in line to buy a Wii (or pay a ridiculous amount for one, or wake up early to get one... ok, I'm cheap and lazy. Are you happy now?). Luckily for us, Riverfolder Software is giving a Wii away ...

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Wii Transfer 2.5

I want a Wii, it is true, and one of the reasons I want one (other than the fact that it is awesome) is a small app called Wii Transfer. Wii Transfer is a Mac app that lets you get your media onto your Wii (movies, audio, pictures) amongst other things (and don't forget to check our interview with ...

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Wii Transfer 2.3

When I was at WWDC I had the pleasure of sitting down with Manton Reece, developer of Wii Transfer, and chatting about his cool little application. He showed off a version that wasn't quite ready for prime-time during the interview, but now it is available for download. Wii Transfer, in case you don...

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Video: Wii Transfer

Click To Play We've covered Wii Transfer before, and Riverfold has a nice video demo as well, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see the new version in action. Oh, and here's a link to the .mov version....

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