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Wii Transfer updated for Mii capture

Making cartoon avatars of yourself is hard work, and nobody wants to redo all that tweaking when you've got a perfectly good doppelganger sitting right there on your Wii console... with no good way to get it off the TV and onto your Mac. What a drag! Good thing there's the new version 2.6 of Wii Tr...

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TUAW Buyers Guide: Gifts for gamers

As we found out this past year, gamers have Macs, too. When you think of gaming gifts, you don't usually think of getting suggestions from a Mac blog-- most of (if not all of) the best games this year aren't playable on a Mac at all. But nevertheless, we're out there-- people who love gaming and M...

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Wii Transfer 2.5

I want a Wii, it is true, and one of the reasons I want one (other than the fact that it is awesome) is a small app called Wii Transfer. Wii Transfer is a Mac app that lets you get your media onto your Wii (movies, audio, pictures) amongst other things (and don't forget to check our interview with ...

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Wii Transfer 2.3

When I was at WWDC I had the pleasure of sitting down with Manton Reece, developer of Wii Transfer, and chatting about his cool little application. He showed off a version that wasn't quite ready for prime-time during the interview, but now it is available for download. Wii Transfer, in case you don...

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Video: Wii Transfer

Click To Play We've covered Wii Transfer before, and Riverfold has a nice video demo as well, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see the new version in action. Oh, and here's a link to the .mov version....

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Wii Transfer 2.0

It seems like only yesterday when I first wrote about Wii Transfer, and now it is a 2.0 app. My how times are changing. Wii Transfer 2.0 adds some very cool features to its ability to encode videos from your Mac for playing on the Wii. 2.0 offers: The ability to stream your music from your Mac t...

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