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Apple TV hacking: Wiimote footage

Do you remember about a year ago when we showed you a Wiimote working as an iPhone input device ? Jump forward to the new era of Apple TV 2. Developer hacker Tom Cool from the #awkwardtv channel on irc.moofspeak.net has cross-compiled that demo for the ATV 2. You can see it in action in this newl...

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Wii Loop Machine

We have previously mentioned several fun uses of the Wiimote with your Mac. The Wii Loop Machine by Yann Seznec is nifty little application for controlling music loops (similar to those in Garageband) using the Wiimote. You can select different loops with the buttons and control playback by moving...

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Remote Buddy supports Wiimote

We've previously mentioned my favorite Apple Remote utility Remote Buddy, but the just-released RC1 adds support for the Nintendo Wiimote in addition to a variety of other supported remotes (including obviously the Apple Remote as well as offerings from Keyspan and Griffin). We've also previously m...

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Mac Gaming with a Wii-mote

We've had several Wii-mote and Mac related posts so far, but most have been of the just because we can sort. For instance, DarwiinRemote is mostly a proof of concept and the WiiSaber is a rather short-lived diversion. Now, however, somebody actually has a Wii-mote working as a controller for a M...

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