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Microsoft takes shot at Siri in new ad

Microsoft's Cortana voice assistant is an impressive addition to the company's Windows Phone software, and while Siri's update in iOS 8 will likely give Apple's digital gal the edge once again, Cortana has the lead at the moment. Microsoft decided to take advantage of its current "window" of super...

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iOS 7 wins mobile OS user experience shootout

Pfeiffer Consulting recently put iOS 7 through its paces, comparing it to a number of other mobile OSes to gauge which OS has a step up on the competition when it comes to the user experience. The operating systems involved in the study included iOS 7, iOS 6, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBer...

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iOS and Android comprised 92.3% of Q1 2013 smartphone shipments

According to a new report from IDC, the smartphone market continues to be dominated by Android and Apple's iOS. Together, the two mobile operating systems accounted for a whopping 92.3 percent of all smartphone shipments during the first quarter of 2013. Impressively, Apple, during the quarter go...

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Microsoft ad shows the Apple and Android brawl you've been waiting for

Microsoft was late to the mobile phone game and has struggled to snatch market share away from their competitors at Apple and Android. They face a big problem: every smartphone has their own selling points, but they've mostly got the same basic features. So how do you set yourself apart? A...

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Nokia Lumia 900 vs iPhone 4S camera test

Nokia and AT&T are launching the Lumia 900 this weekend and reviews for the Windows Phone hit the Internet last night. CNET had a review unit and used that opportunity to compare the 8-megapixel Lumia with another 8-megapixel shooter, the iPhone 4S. Jessica Dolcourt traveled around San Fr...

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Low-cost smartphones to challenge iPhone in China

China has the largest number of mobile subscribers in the world, by far. With over 600 million subscribers, wireless carrier China Mobile is the number one carrier both in China and in the world. Despite receiving a globe-leading 24 million smartphones in Q3 2011, China is still a relatively ...

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Microsoft exec says Windows phone is cure for iPhone monotony

Andy Lees, President of Microsoft's Windows Phone division, believes the time is now for Windows Phone 7 to gain some ground on its competiton. Lees see Android as chaotic with too many choices, and the Apple iPhone 4S as a missed opportunity because it offers only a minor improvement in hardware...

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Is Apple's early win against HTC an unexpected bonus for Windows Phone?

Apple's early win in a patent infringement complaint against HTC sent shock waves through the Android world late last week. In response to this loss, some handset manufactures may turn away from Android and look towards the Windows Phone platform for future smartphones, says a report in the mainl...

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Study reveals Apple surpasses RIM in US smartphone share

Apple is now the #2 mobile platform in the US with 26.6% market share. Apple rose 1.4 percentage points and inched past RIM which now holds 24.7% of the US market. Similar to Apple, Android also gained market share grabbing another 5.1 percentage points to climb to 38.1% market share. Rim took ...

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No Comment: Windows Phone Dictionary app icon seems eerily familiar

Who really thinks about designing a dictionary icon? They all look alike, after all, so what would be the point of creating a brand new one for your Windows Phone third-party app? Better just to pick up the one everyone likes so well and use that. Yes, as Craig Hockenberry pointed out this morn...

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Nokia CEO: Apple "created the conditions necessary to create Android."

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop told those attending the Open Mobile Summit in London today that Apple was more or less directly responsible for creating Android. Elop used the opening remarks of his keynote to specifically address Apple's power over the smartphone market. "Apple in 2007 introduced a hi...

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iSuppli: Apple bucks decline in smartphone market, edges closer to Nokia

Apple is edging closer to Nokia and poised to assume the leadership position in the smartphone market, according to IHS iSuppli. In the first three months of 2011, Apple shipped 18.6 million iPhones globally, a 14.9 percent jump from the previous quarter. While Apple showed impressive gains, No...

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Microsoft makes appeal to iOS developers

Microsoft hopes to lure iOS developers to Windows Phone 7. A new website published by the company earlier this year now offers guides and testimonials specifically designed to entice iOS developers to transform their iPhone apps into Windows Phone compatible software. Currently, Microsoft finds ...

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Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac OS now in the App Store

Finally out of beta, Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac is now available in the Mac App Store. The app lets those with a Windows Phone or a Zune HD and a Mac (an odd mix indeed) move photos, music and video between their devices and Macs running iTunes and iPhoto. Also, Windows Phone 7 Connector for ...

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