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Microsoft Doesn't Get It, Episode 65,536: TellMe versus Siri

As with all new technologies developed by or associated with Apple, competitors are stumbling over one another to dismiss Siri. Google has already played the "yawn" card, and now Microsoft's Craig Mundie has joined the fray during an interview with Forbes. Here are Mundie's remarks when asked abo...

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Windows Phone 7 Connector 2.0 arrives in the Mac App Store

Good news, users of Windows Phone 7 mobile phones and Apple Mac computers. Microsoft has just released the latest iteration of its Windows Phone Connector software -- version 2.0. And it's available for download now in the Mac App Store. Windows Phone Connector is developed by Microsoft to allo...

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Microsoft makes appeal to iOS developers

Microsoft hopes to lure iOS developers to Windows Phone 7. A new website published by the company earlier this year now offers guides and testimonials specifically designed to entice iOS developers to transform their iPhone apps into Windows Phone compatible software. Currently, Microsoft finds ...

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Clorox ditches BlackBerry, 92 percent of employees replace it with iPhone

According to Computerworld, Clorox CIO Ralph Loura recently realized that the company's workers were no longer satisfied with their corporate-issued BlackBerry phones. Loura decided to ditch BlackBerry as a platform and gave 2000 employees three choices for replacements: an iPhone, a phone running...

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Report: Windows Phone to beat iPhone in market share by 2015

IDC has released its latest report on the future of the smartphone market, and according to the predictions, there's a lot of growth in store for Windows Phone 7. By 2015, says the firm, Windows Phones should have over 20 percent of the smartphone market, placing it ahead of even Apple's iOS ha...

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Microsoft and Nokia team up to fight Apple and Android

Nokia has thrown in with Windows Phone 7 to try and have some impact in the smartphone universe. Steven Elop, a former Microsoft executive and now CEO of Nokia, made the announcement today in London. Reactions are mixed, of course, but Nokia stock has taken a beating, and about 1,000 Nokia employees...

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Microsoft shuffling execs to better compete with Apple

Microsoft is reportedly shuffling around its upper brass to better compete against Apple and Google. The company is removing long-serving executives from their positions and promoting senior engineers from areas within the company that are struggling. This move is in response to pressure from Micros...

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Microsoft updates WP7 Connector for Mac with improved setup, bug fixes

Microsoft has released an update for Windows Phone 7 Connector, the still-in-beta OS X application that works with iPhoto and iTunes to allow you to sync your DRM-free multimedia with Microsoft's 'wares. According to Pocket-lint, the latest release features a new setup process, the ability to manua...

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iPhone could be the financial survivor in Android and Windows Phone 7 war

Needham & Company analyst Charlie Wolf believes that the iPhone could emerge as the big survivor as Android and Windows Phone 7 battle it out in a race to the bottom. Wolf expects that Google and Microsoft will be battling aggressively to keep phone makers building devices with their respecti...

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Windows Phone 7 Connector Beta available for download by Mac users

Are you a Mac user who is excited about Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 devices? Or a Mac user who is being forced against your will to put away your iPhone and use the company-supplied Windows Phone 7 phone (and forgive me if that one sounds redundant)? Well, you're in luck. As promised, Microsoft has...

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Windows Phone 7 will sync 'select content' with Macs

Honestly, I haven't been super impressed with anything I've seen coming out of all of the Windows Phone 7 hoopla this week. Sure, the phones look pretty and all, and yes, it's a huge upgrade for Windows Mobile users, but it still seems to me like Microsoft is just trying to match the iPhone rather ...

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Microsoft pays Apple app devs to port to Windows Phone 7

Who would have thought this would ever happen? Microsoft, according to PocketGamer.biz, is throwing some substantial upfront money at developers of popular iPhone apps to port their products over to Windows Phone 7, which may be their last great hope of getting enough apps on the device to make it t...

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