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Nielsen reports that iPad is most wanted this holiday season

Nielsen has released its annual report on which electronic goodies consumers in various age groups are looking for this Thanksgiving. Once again, Apple products are claiming most of the top of the list. Kids in the US aged 6-12 are looking for an iPad as the number one item under their holida...

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Apple makes EFF's Holiday Wish List

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has released its annual "wish list" for various tech companies and its wishes for their openness, and Apple was only mentioned in one item. The EFF wishes Apple would easily and officially provide a way for users to "get root access" on every Apple device they...

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Dear Santa: TUAW's we-have-been-nice wish list

Dear Santa, We've been very good reasonably well-behaved bloggers this year. We've brushed our teeth, been polite to our parents, and made sure to walk our dog. So for this year, would you please please please consider our requests? Here's what we're wishing for under the TUAW tree this yea...

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Daily Mac App: Appalicious

We usually feature Mac apps on the Mac App Store in this series, but Appalicious is an exception. While not available on the MAS, it helps you browse the store in various ways that make the experience much more efficient and even fun. If you're a bargain hunter you'll find digging through sales...

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Dreaming of the iPad 2: One geek's wishlist

Last night on the TUAW talkcast, Kelly asked me to speculate about what the mythical upcoming iPad 2 might look like. This was, of course, before preliminary details from Engadget apparently rolled in. In response, I ended up going on a little more in depth than I initially expected. Turns out that...

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Amazon shopping app for iPad launches

If your actual iPad purchase hasn't drained your debit card down to the red-alert level, Amazon has your back: the web retail giant has announced that the Amazon Mobile app is now fully updated for iPad, and it's available now on the App Store. The free app gives you all your favorite functions: bro...

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TUAW readers: Help us tell Apple what you want in the next iPhone!

Apple's campus is a surreal place to be. You're surrounded by a loop of buildings where some of the most advanced technological innovation is going on behind closed doors. That excitement aside, another great thing about being on campus was being able to dine at Café Mac. Café Mac is ...

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TUAW Wishlist: iPhone apps I'd like to see

Sure, the transparent email and the yet-another-dialer brigade are all well and good, but there are a few things the iPhone doesn't do that I really wish it would. Here's a pair of app suggestions that are probably outside the bounds of the SDK and prime fodder for jailbreak developers, but if someo...

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BusinessWeek's iPhone wishlist

Over at BusinessWeek, Arik Hesseldahl posts his thoughtful wish list for the iPhone. On top of the obvious music wishes (wireless music downloads, zunelike device-to-device sharing, and iTunes ringtones), Hesseldahl considers how the phone might sync seamlessly with various iApps like iPhoto, iCal,...

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Things I'd Like to See in Leopard

WWDC is rapidly approaching and along with it we'll get our first preview of the features in Leopard. And so I've started to think seriously about the things that I'd like to see in Leopard. In no particular order: A New Finder I've disliked Mac OS X's Finder since Mac OS X first shipped. It's not n...

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