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Daily iPhone App: MyTunes Pro makes your music sound better

MyTunes has been on the App Store for a little while. It's developed by SRS that uses that company's patented sound enhancement algorithms to make music sound "better." It's not completely clear what the algorithm does (as SRS wants to keep it secret), but basically, the tech boosts and lowers ...

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Gameloft's Order and Chaos MMO for iOS makes $1M in 20 days

Some people might have chuckled at the resemblance of Gameloft's Order and Chaos Online to the popular World of Warcraft. It's actually a near clone of the very popular Blizzard Entertainment title, squeezed down into the iPhone. But it turns out Gameloft will be the one who laughs last. The ga...

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Blizzard to update WoW app with Auction House service, subscription

We've posted about the World of Warcraft Armory app from Blizzard Entertainment before. Now, Blizzard has announced that they'll soon be adding a new, long-awaited feature: the ability to browse and even set up in-game auctions from on the iPhone itself. The Remote Auction House on the iPhone Armor...

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That touchable sensation: Apple sends invites for January 27 event

This, apparently. Engadget and The Loop are both reporting that they have their emailed invitations in hand for the January 27 introduction of... well, Apple's "latest creation." The invite has a spraypainted look, a time of 10 am Pacific and a place of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts -- and not...

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What the 27" iMac means for a designer

We asked our colleague over at Download Squad, Matt Heerema, for a designer's eye view on the new iMac 27" model. Designers everywhere will rejoice at the announcement of the 27" iMac. With a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, you are just 160 pixels shy of a full, pricey 30" monitor (2560 x 1600)...

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World of Warcraft armory app for iPhone now in the store

Our resident WoW expert is on vacation, but he sent a quick note to let us know about the new World of Warcraft Mobile Armory application for the iPhone; the free app gives you access to character details, equipment lists, in-game calendars and more. Getting to this data previously required using th...

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Is World of Warcraft now Intel Mac Compatible?

Our own C.K. Sample III posted this morning on WOW Insider hinting at the fact that World of Warcraft as of today may be Intel Mac compatible and no longer require Rosetta. When he logged in this morning, WOW launched an updater to version Now the comment at the bottom of his login scre...

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Blizzard says Universal Binary for WoW by late January

We all know that Apple announced the release of the first Macs to use Intel chips. To get full speed and compatibility out of applications that run in Mac OS X on Intel-based Macs, programs need to be recompiled to run natively on the Intel processors. Apple's coding tools allow for a program to be ...

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