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Review: SpellGrid reveals the hidden joy of anagrams with fast, addictive gameplay

For far too long, I've lived in a world of Candy Crush. It seemed like the perfect time waster, designed for quick games when you've got a few minutes to kill. Heck, I even managed to get out alive without ever paying for any extras. But something was lacking. I needed a better class of time waster....

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Daily iPhone App: Letter Rush puts a new spin on spelling games

Word games are probably my least favorite genre on the App Store at this point -- I think they're overused, and many companies these days are just kicking out half-baked spelling games in the hopes of reaching a large casual audience. But Letter Rush, put together by a former Zynga studio, is d...

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Daily iPhone App: QatQi is a free word game that's different enough to try

QatQi is, I am almost sorry to say, a new word game on the App Store. To be quite honest, I'm tired of spelling things out on my iPad's screen. That's not to say that there aren't good word games out there. Spelltower and Puzzlejuice are two great recommendations, but it's easier than ever...

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SpellTower offers fun word-based board-clearing game

For US$3.99, SpellTower (now on the Mac App Store) provides an amusing diversion for anyone who likes word games. Although it's similar to other "find the word" board-clearing games, it adds in just enough bonus features to differentiate it from the pack. The blue and black squares provide extr...

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7 Little Words offers great fluffy fun but not enough content

Recently, developer Christopher York pinged me and asked me to take a look at his latest offering, 7 Little Words. He's the developer who brought us the well-designed Moxie 2 last year. Being a word-aholic, I was happy to take a peek at this new title. A freemium-styled game, 7 Little Words r...

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Hands on with WordCrasher: word puzzles meet Tetris

WordCrasher [iTunes link] is a little gem that deserves a much wider audience than it's currently receiving at App Store. With just 17 ratings to date, this little $0.99 application needs better exposure. Hopefully this review will help. WordCrasher offers a word puzzle game that mixes Tetris-styl...

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