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The amazing Word Lens app for iOS is now free

Imagine an iPhone app that can instantly translate written text between languages in real time. It sounds like science fiction, but Word Lens (free) does exactly that. We were wowed by the app back in 2010 and now its parent company, Quest Visual, has been purchased by Google. The immediate result...

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Word Lens developer uses quadcopter to deliver wedding ring

Word Lens developer Otavio Good recently tied the knot with his wife at a wedding ceremony in Redwood City. But being a techie and developer, he decided to have tech play a role at his wedding. Standing in front of a lawn full of guests, Good shrugged when the marriage official asked for the ring;...

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Word Lens hands-on: Does it really translate text in real-time?

Word Lens hit the store with a bang, promising real-time translation of signs, menus, and any other text your camera can capture. Does the augmented-reality app work? Somewhat, yes. Is it the future? Definitely. We're just not there yet. I'll let the images in the gallery tell the story. But firs...

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Word Lens: an augmented reality language translator for iPhone

Word Lens is one of those apps that grabs your attention the first time you see it in action. Created by Quest Visual, it is an iPhone-based optical character recognition (OCR) application used for language translation. In real-world usage, it will translate a foreign language sign in an instant ...

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